Panasonic exit the office telephone industry- why?

In a nut shell it’s expensive ancient history.

The telephone on the desk is rapidly disappearing.

Old Telephony doesn’t integrate with cloud based business systems such as a CRM

If a future office ever exists again, it will be with new APP based telephony.

Meanwhile, any organisation can adopt hosted phone systems.

So how does an APP based telephone system work ?

Your office number rings on your Smartphone, Smart device or in your PC headset.

You will never again get a crick in your neck trying to type and talk !

Crystal clear communications recorded inside your CRM ( It’s a choice )

Your CRM and Telephony APP are 100% integrated.

You know who is phoning you, it just pops up.

Answerphone messages are automatically converted to text on a notification email.

Your office times are whatever you decide them to be.

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