No splash no cash

I learnt this phrase from a very successful fruit and veg market trader back in the 80’s

The effort they used to put into display before the market opened was epic.

With all the high street changes and pressure from the internet, now is the time to focus on your shop window displays.

But like they said on Star Trek years ago “It’s lifeJimbut not as we know it”

How to turn your shop windows into a smartphone feast using QR code .

No splash no cash:

This is how you turn your shop windows into a Smartphone feast.

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Connecting the Splash to the Cash

A tiny window display in the back streets of Venice.

No queues because of their ultra fast service ethic.

If it looks wonderful you want to buy it.

With QR codes connected to professional Momenzo videos, you invite a visual feast.

Smartphone users love visuals and QR is the easiest way to deliver that.

Turn your Shop windows into a Smartphone VIDEO MECCA

Retail is detail- How to join up to 200 QR shop window codes on a 12 month programme with Maltix.

QR to Smartphone video
QR to Smartphone video solutions

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QR on Estate Agent for sale signs
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