Myopic marketing risks you losing your job.

I was talking to a marketing director today who is under pressure with budget results.

He feels that the board is looking to cut costs, but that knife can have consequences.

Lead question:

He agreed with me that management has a responsibility to decide who goes up and down the career ladder.

Now for the open question:

And that a successful marketing director decides on which wall to place that ladder ?

That stopped him in his tracks, we had a tumbleweed moment.


The board are looking at his results and he now realised what they meant.

So we eventually agreed to look at the problem from the other end of the telescope, firstly eying some simple website traffic results.

The phone traffic is now above 60% and the trend is accelerating.

In other words 60% of the marketing spend is probably misappropriated, why?

Questions to resolve:

If we were to place the marketing ladder on an additional wall to specifically market to the smartphone, would that make a difference ?

Which two products are specifically built for the demands of the smartphone user? I asked

This is where the problems lay – myopic marketing strategy.


Websites are built to be navigated on a large screen.


QR are built to be scanned & shared on social media especially with vouchers and coupons.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built to volunteer information requested through notifications, What’s APP and SMS.


Tomorrow we re write the marketing budget and the knife is sharp.

Myopic marketing risks you losing your job,

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