My Gym is working out.

As a Gym owner for 4 years now, I asked my girlfriend to write some marketing spiel for the campaigns we used on our email newsletter.

Goddammit , she didn’t write the newsletter she wrote something to me.

She put it on the refrigerator, it was her perception of my Gym business plus some observations in our relationship no doubt!

  1. Book Keeping
  2. Keeping good employees
  3. No time off
  4. Mentally exhausted
  5. Dealing with competitors
  6. Dealing with people
  7. Landlords
  8. Social media reviews

I am sure its the same for every business, its not easy, but something sprung to mind.

If social media is so damn important these days, how can we use that to our Gym members benefit ?

After hiring a part time social media evangelist, we began to get more enquiries, but not necessarily more business.

We set about finding what was wrong.


On our newsletter we conducted a poll asking subscribers if we could improve our monthly newsletter.

An underlying swell of dissatisfaction came back, it wasn’t the Gym, it wasn’t the information we were publishing.

One lady member said our newsletter was “prescriptive and short on shareable stuff

That unlocked a piece of information we had never thought of.

I was initially upset by some of the replies, but gradually, with my girlfriends help, we began to discover that we were not publishing for their Smartphone needs.

Or to put it another way, the Smartphone actually has a user, its a human being that we had been ignoring.

We were publishing for the Gym not the person.

My Gym is working out.

In other words, they were looking for shareable information with their buddies on social media.

Back links to our website wasn’t doing it for them.

The newsletter statistics showed reasonable readership, but very poor interaction that led to new business.

No click throughs on stuff we thought were important, we were out of touch.

“It’s as if we were missing the kudos my customers were looking for in their social media presence”

We were miscommunicating !

My Gym is working out.

They wanted Smartphone shareable information and not on a monthly basis.

A daily basis.


This is my Gym and my health statement.

We rebranded our mindset based on this statement that now adorns the fridge !!

“I want to share my investment in my social circles and I need the information to do that”

2021 we have it all to play for, we want to survive and grow.

We SMS everyday.

We send notifications sometimes twice a day.

Free weekday guest member.

We have completely revamped our APP subscription options.

And improved the smartphone reservation system.

Removed contracts and gone paperless.

We respond in the chat room immediately and answer form page enquiries within 2 minutes.

Focused on a shareable digital loyalty card for the Smartphone.

We push out a relentless offering of promotional vouchers and deal coupons that are Smartphone redeemable and social media shareable.

We let social media do the rest.



Dean Paul gyms. El Paso.

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