My digital diet is making me fat

A weighty article from Will Nicholls, Founder of Maltix: Newswire 04-08-2021

An over weight business can carry many words.

Fat, Obese. Corpulent, Stout, Fleshy, Podgy, Paunchy, Portly and Plump !

thyme to good use
Thyme to good use

But it’s the Digital diet Obesity obsession that doesn’t have a word to describe it, thats the most illuminating.

This Digital Diet eats up your time and engulfs your waistline for a truly “Well upholstered ” small business nightmare.

The Diet to avoid here is the Business Website.

A thankless never ending task of updates and inclusions and a thousand ways to waist ( pun) countless hours of your life without any real sign of a return on time investment.

And thats just half of the pain.

Arguably the bigger waist ( sorry ) of time and effort with zero reward is marketing the website.

A futile pointless demeaning and fantastically complicated Digital Diet to avoid.

So how can a small business lose the weight FAST !

My digital diet is making me fat

An over weight business can carry many words.

Not a Diet FAD

Change your mindset in 24 hours.

Adopt the Smartphone professionally and leave the PC behind !

The Millennials have !

Get off the Digital Diet, leave time for more pleasurable exercise.

It’s what Social Media was built for.

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