Most APP’S get deleted within a few days

Marketing budgets are skewed.

APP marketing budgets vary from £1000 per month to £5000 per month

And small business cannot afford costs like that.

What is the point of spending a fortune to get your APP found thats hidden away in the APP store ?


Only to be deleted and discarded almost straight away !

Finally the penny has dropped.

Marketing is directly linked to the sales cycle.

But somehow, it’s been lost in the search for the web traffic holy grail.

The smartphone is by far the most important device to target.

It’s the majority device for business by a yard mile.

So how can you overcome the APP dichotomy ?

What if we could completely upend the cost per APP download ?

And by using the customer service features within an APP , encourage massive natural distribution on social media ?

Whilst removing the APP smartphone delete problem forever?

Downloading an APP and Installing an APP are not the same thing.

The minute you see this

There is a guaranteed problem

Explaining “touch it and you’ve got it technology”

A) Old APP technology called Native, distributed and downloaded from the APP store.

B) And new APP technology called Progressive Web APP or PWA.

PWA distributes on its own merits and doesn’t need an APP store.

It’s “touch it and you’ve got it technology”

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