Mobile traffic has overtaken the desktop.

Mobile traffic has overtaken the desktop in your business.

Websites are definitely not the best option for the Smartphone user.

Business can now implement an affordable solution to provide the best mobile experience for their customers.

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Before you could choose between a mobile website or mobile native APP.

Most business owners chose traditional websites with responsive design using a WordPress developer.

Mobile website speed and usability remains poor for most websites.

A PWA will run alongside an existing website URL

The past APP solution is obsolete

Older Native mobile APP’s have huge additional costs of design and development.

Prohibitive for small business and this has completely suppressed the APP market for years.

Google then created something that can be accessed like a normal website but offers incredible speed, functionality and customer service.

PWA for customer service

PWA two way comms using notifications and SMS
Two way comms and customer service is integral to a PWA

What Google achieved

Thanks to high performance HTML5 and JavaScript.

PWA is a website that acts as an APP for the Smartphone user.

On a PC it’s just like a normal website.

A user can add PWA to a home screen of a mobile device, get push notifications, and it works without an Internet connection.

A PWA is as free as a bird and more shareable than laughter.

Using social media as you distribution ledger
A PWA is as free as a bird and more shareable than laughter.

The advantages of PWA:

  • Accessibility to all internet users, since the requirement to download the app or pay for the app is completely eliminated.
  • PWAs are designed with extremely fast load times and lower data usage, especially important for users in areas with slow or limited Internet access.
  • Highly responsive layout and easier navigation than the full desktop website on a mobile device.
  • PWA has built-in intelligence that captures user behaviors and preferences.
  • Delivers a personalised customer service experience.
  • Works offline with functionality that allows the APP to continue running in the background.
  • Uses up 200 times less Smartphone memory than older APPS
  • 100% Linkable
  • Supports HTTPS
  • PWA is secure, and perfect for E-commerce

Search engine optimisation

Maltix highly recommends using a PWA search engine specialist.

They will test your PWA on the Google search console

They will audit your PWA using a Lighthouse test

Maltix guarantees cross browser fitness, it’s what we do in production.

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