Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

Maltix one-time Redeemable vouchers.

We generate vouchers that can only be redeemed once, validated by an employee by scanning a unique QR code that appears on each voucher.

How does a one-time redeemable coupon work?

A coupon that can be redeemed only once:

We create a series of unique QR Codes that once scanned redeem the voucher. 

You can print these unique QR Codes or send them by email newsletter or SMS.

The validation is achieved by an employee scanning a unique QR Code on their authorised phone.

The voucher can be redeemed with any QR Code reader that is installed on a smartphone with an internet connection. 

As soon as the QR Code on the smartphone display is scanned, the voucher is redeemed.

The client can also redeem the voucher without a QR Code scanner by tapping the redeem button below the QR Code.

The voucher can only be redeemed once. If the voucher is redeemed a second time, an error message appears.

Redeeming statistics

Please request the regularity of scan redemptions you require.We can also offer the option of GEO code redemption.This enables a real time reporting system on every SCAN redemption worldwide, accurate to within 10 metres.

Authorise devices

Maltix will authorise specific devices that can redeem the voucher per location.

If no device is authorised, any device can redeem them.

You can assign a name to each authorised device.

It will be displayed on the redemption stats for each voucher.

A fallback URL can be displayed in case an unauthorised device tries to redeem a voucher.

You can also set a password to the coupon to prevent accidental redemptions.

Redemption and scan statistics
Redemption and scan statistics
Voucher redemption on a smartphone


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