Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

Because Customers don’t walk around with a PC, we highly recommend you access the information here on a Smartphone.

We create mobile coupons for your customers.

Unique design artwork based on your specific needs

Clients show the coupon on their Smartphone for a free drink or a
discount on their purchase.

No extra software is required, it’s part of the system we have developed.

voucher and discount codes
Redeemable single use voucher and discount

Mobile coupons by definition are designed specifically for the Smartphone

The combination of Smart QR connected to a social media landing page,

encourages natural social media share.

Digital Guest list

For customers

The guest scans the QR code on there table, leave their name, telephone and email address, to be notified of a suspected COVID case. A guest only has to register once and can voluntarily save his or her data for further visits to the restaurant. The guest data is encrypted during transmission and cannot be viewed by third parties.

For restaurants

We set up table QR codes and label them in the system. By evaluating the numbers scans, you can see how busy the tables are over time. Data can be exported.


With the optional Check In / Check out function, guests can register and check out when they leave the restaurant.

The owner always has an overview of how many guests have just checked in and how long they stay.

PDF QR Code for your Digital Menu

We create a live branded PDF menu that you can access from any PC.

Make a change to the menu and every QR code is automatically updated.

Live TRI FOLD on any PC

“Incredible flexibility in a time of flux”

We create a Tri Fold for home print. Print in Duplex with generic QR call to action e.g.

New QR ” call to action ” or Landing page & “look and feel” can be created within the Maltix Subscription services with a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.

curry box

Menu today, Guest menu today, Guest Chef, Book a table

This way, a TRI FOLD can be changed and reprinted at short notice, the QR also points to a PDF that can be changed instantly or indeed a new landing page !

Lead Generation QR codes

We can link QR codes to forms that allow you to generate new leads.

If a user discloses his contact information, he will receive a link to a voucher, e-book or other exclusive digital content in return by e-mail.

All generated customer contacts can be exported to an excel file for CRM or Mailchimp newsletter.

FEED BACK landing page

“You dont know if you dont ask” and Smartphone users love the immediacy of feedback !

GDPR Ready

Optional GDPR, we create your landing pages with optional links to imprint your privacy policy on every QR landing page.

Lets get down to business

Some ideas on QR Call to action

Call to action ideas

Subscription QR, leaflets & posters



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