Measure twice cut once

I remember being onsite with lots of workmen at one of my Grandmothers building projects back in the 1960’s

I was fascinated watching an old boy using a saw on a piece of wood straddling two carpentry horses.

He had a square pencil behind his ear, he wore denim dungarees and a brass fold out tape measure in a side pocket, his knee pinning the wood to the bench.

Winking at me and talking through a rolly stuck to his lip, he explained the importance of communication.

He shouted to his colleague to shout back the measurements for the last time.

A lad took a note pad out of his back pocket and shouted the measurements in inches.

The old boy finally checked with his rule, marked with a square and slowly cut the oak plank.

My grandmother also had a funeral business, this chap was cutting the planks for a coffin whilst onsite building a house.

I didn’t know that at the time.

Here we are over 50 years later and nothing has really changed regarding communication, the problem is who do you shout at before you cut the wood!

Or in other words who can I talk to before I embark on selecting the components of my business cloud presence on the internet ?

Talk to the boy who has grown up at