Marketing e-Commerce stores

Marketing an e-Commerce shop is complicated and expensive.

Hiring marketing experts or becoming an expert yourself can feel like a never ending journey.

And probably an unwelcome never ending journey to boot.

Are you looking through the wrong end of the telescope ?

PWA puts the onus of distribution onto the clients to distribute on social media
Are you looking through the wrong end of the telescope ?

The reality of even the most simple e-Commerce shops.

A single online store is competing with about 20 million other stores.

Vying for the interests of 2 billion or so online shoppers !

Building an e-Commerce Shop website starts at around £6k from the quotes I have seen banded about.

Then you have to fulfill the inventory inside the shop… ouch

With high street names disappearing like aeroplanes in the Bermuda triangle, retailing has become a complicated mix of virtual and real.

One thing for sure, marketing is incredibly complex and expensive.

Why are there so many experts forging a career in the marketing of e-Commerce ?

Its just a single link connected to a brand with stuff for sale right ?

Who are the real experts in marketing ?

Maltix people think the experts are the 2 billion shoppers out there.

They are the doing the donkey work of trying to find your store right ?

And the majority are shopping on their Smart device.

They estimate that over 20 billion Smart devices are now in the marketplace.

It comes down to the attitude of the Store owner

The store owner should focus on enabling their customers to market their e-Commerce store.

A huge departure from expending incredible effort simply to get found in the first place, wouldn’t you agree?

Inside the basics of a sales cycle, only very happy people refer your business to others.

That can easily be as low as 10%.

That referral used to be down the pub or over a dinner party with friends.

Referrals take place predominantly on social media these days.

Very often in the form of encouraged referrals.

Often daisy-chain referrals among complete strangers.

Vouchers, discounts, special promotions,referral rewards, QR, APP share

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The high street isn’t dead, it just needs a software update

Wholesale inclusive hosting from Maltix

So what do we mean by enabling the customer ?

The Smartphone is a talking device.

A smartphone user depends on natural two way communication.

Smartphone users engage in instant communication , on many platforms.

Many E-commerce stores actually have live chat at the checkout.

It’s that immediacy that helps create happy referrals.

Can a website fulfill all the needs of a Smartphone shopper ?

Lets take a holistic view of the e-commerce playing field to solve the riddle.

Visualise the APP as the passenger distribution for the masses.
n airport runway is connected to the sky.

Visually, think of social media as the airport runway connected to flight routes.

Think of websites as the freight carrier.

Visualise the APP as the passenger distribution for the masses.

What is the value of this approach ?

Every visitor is yearning for the right attitude from the store owner.

An APP is built for the two way conversation of the Smartphone user.

It provides the immediacy, reward and distribution runways for the masses.

The value is the referral and free distribution.

APPS are not anything new are they ?

Well actually yes, the new Progressive Web APPS (PWA) are very new.

Older APPS were hugely expensive to build and two way technology was seen as an extra and not taken seriously.

All older APPS are stuck behind a Corporate firewall called The Apple Store.

The majority rarely get downloaded.

PWA is more like a baby website.

On or offline on a Smartphone.

A PWA is a website that has taken all the right vitamins to become an APP.

And its not distributed from a Shop.

A PWA is as free as a bird.

It has all the two way communication devices built into it from day one.

PWA costs 90% less to manufacture.

Fixed price production and hosting.

Now its affordable for small business for the first time ever.

And your PWA runs off the exact same website address as your store.

The link from your store sits on your PWA

Your PWA is now the distribution force for your E-commerce store.

Marketing e-Commerce stores

What 2 way communication and free distribution can a PWA achieve ?

Use PWA notifications to manipulate business needs directly with the client
PWA Notifications direct
SMS Use PWA notifications to manipulate business needs
PWA link direct to e-Commerce distribution by clients
PWA to shop
PWA live engage via CHAT
PWA single use redeemable coupons
for free distribution channels on social media
PWA coupon distribution on social media.
PWA QR direct with promotional ideas via paper
PWA link to QR codes
PWA single use redeemable vouchers from Maltix
PWA voucher redeem on social media
A PWA can be shared infinitely via social media. You just need to encourage it
PWA share
Ask your SEO expert to SEO your PWA
PWA loves SEO

PWA support
PWA Advice Support and Training

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