Maltix Partners

A business model based on Interactive online stationery.

We are recruiting new Maltix PARTNERS

Like minded Partners who have the aptitude to coach the cause and not the symptoms and have a commitment to the spoken word with business people and the public.

Take 10 minutes to change you work / life balance forever.

This is a pre franchise launch as a fully licenced proven system.

Franchise fees are not lodged with the IFA or available at this time.

A proven licenced business model with guaranteed leads under your financial control.

Working for yourself but never by yourself”

A personal pledge from William Nicholls Founder of Maltix.

“Maltix is a human being facing company focused on the benefits of adopting phone friendly technology for small business and everyday public needs”

“Maltix Partners are usually not particularly technical, but great communicators”

William Nicholls Founder of the Maltix Partner programme:

New generation, motivated, high earning home workers are here to stay!

We believe that the commute is for people who haven’t worked it out yet!

Work from home pioneers.

With 30 years within a proven Franchise background, we are introducing a Franchise brand of the future, initially licensed for pioneers.

This Launch is a natural step for a Franchisor of integrity.

It’s viewed with high esteem for future Franchisees and will be the ground work for integration into the global Franchise community of tomorrow.

International Franchise Association (IFA)

Franchising generates $788 billion in revenue a year for the United States economy and has created over eight million jobs. Franchising provides a proven business structure for thousands of local business owners to be successful; on average, the typical franchise business provides 2.3 times more jobs than a non-franchised business. 


The work from home career DREAM

As a licence owner you will automatically have the option of becoming a Maltix Franchisee without a single penny of extra investment.

Read on to see if you share our clear vision of change to see emerging markets moving away from the PC onto the smartphone for A to Z business.

Does this resonate with you?

Pioneer questions to ask yourself:

Pioneer point number one: 

Our tolerance with download times is exasperating, we increasingly expect simple burger bar navigation and lightening quick order execution on our phones.

Probably without realising it, we yearn for the all new Progressive Web App (PWA) technology from Google.

An open source resource that requires NO App Store, works offline, spits out unlimited requested smartphone notifications for free and requires ZERO phone memory.

Connected to a website URL, it becomes an APP on the visitors phone and a website on a PC!

Perfect for small business investment for less than the price of a printer !

All business sells something.

Every small business that sells will need a PWA.

Pioneer point number two:

We also expect point and shoot immediacy, especially in situ.

The Millennial and Gen Z population born after 1979 have become addicted to the lightening speed of food & Taxi Apps but also Dynamic QR.

It’s this massive crossover with traditional print and marketing that is the core business model of Maltix.

Pioneer point number three:

Although the QR code is over 30 years old, its becoming infinitely more important on the new generation phone.

The static QR code is being replaced with Dynamic QR.

And although it’s a baby phone friendly social media website in its own right, its perfect for the newly imagined print solution.

An infinite array of solutions for a myriad of everyday needs.

Your Maltix training will take your breath away!

Pioneer point number four:

LEADS and prospects.

Much like the jobs platform you used to discover the Maltix work from home opportunity.

Job discovery is similar in may ways to work or service discovery platforms.

Your well known international platform is set up at premium level, all ready for you to start receiving as many leads as you can handle every day.

It’s relentless ! we promise you 100% control to suit your working hours and your earnings aspirations.

There is absolutely no upper limit on your earnings.

Even more exciting we have developed a fabulous relationship with an independent Linkedin marketing APP on a Chrome extension to generate 10’s of thousands of your own qualified leads to target strong growth areas for our all new Hotelier and Estate Agent solutions outlined as DEMO’s within the website.

The Restaurant solution DEMO features a working PWA.

To see the PWA DEMO in action, you need to be on your phone !!


We promise you the most exciting lead generation system on the planet with decision makers only.

There are already 5 FURTHER solutions in development for you to adopt this year alone!

The Maltix Licence and future Franchise is NON GEOGRAPHIC, thats almost unheard of in the Franchise industry.

What you need is what you get:

Access to the most advanced self management technology out there.

Access to the most advanced client management technology out there.

Professional email, CHAT, International APP telephony & CRM.

Partner share platform provided fully loaded with learning documents.

A fully loaded CHAT document search resource for you and your clients is being developed as we speak.

24/7 Global chat support is also on the agenda.

Secure client Platform management is also provided.

Business development opportunities worldwide.

What does Maltix provide for licensees and future Franchisees?

Complete client solutions without technical expertise.

Common sense in king

A world class Print design company.

Print execution and delivery within 5 days coast to coast.

Access to thousands of skilled designers on the platform.

3 Dynamic QR resource platforms.

Two world leading Progressive Web APP platforms.

The number one ACTOR AVATAR system.

The number one Smart Form Page platform integral to our solutions.

Start up training and regular training thereafter for mutual growth:

When can you start?

Training commences immediately after Board interview approval.

Earnings start Week two or three and Maltix pays out on the day of any client payment in your chosen currency.

Every product or service has a dedicated secure payment platform.

Regular Partner calls with invited guests.

Full GDPR protection under the Maltix umbrella.

What’s the important part of this job?

Talking to small business and the public who come to us for their print solutions via telephone, CHAT, SMS, email or Google MEET.

Acting on simple solutions for the small business owner

Explaining advanced solutions whereby the business owner can immediately see the benefits.

The confidence to hold a dynamic conversation with leads to ensure they are qualified.

The ability to follow a proven system but the creativity to enhance it.

A deal on the day mentality for small business solutions.

The Interview process.

Maltix is a very open and shared structure, sharing best practice and providing an intimate support structure for Partners at every stage of their business development.

We are searching for Partners who share our dream, who understand the benefits of the technology we supply and have an open mind to future business development with existing clients.

Proactivity is encouraged, we look for those skillsets in our interview process.

Maltix has retro holistic solutions within our agenda and that has the potential to disrupt existing business models, that requires tenacity in the marketplace.

Your shared values are a key part of your interview process.

Four step interview process.

Full contact details as requested.

First interview: Application form page.

NLP evaluation test completed and results returned.

Approval for first interview:

First GOOGLE MEET interview with a senior business development Partner.

Approval for second interview:

Access to new approved Partners

Second GOOGLE MEET interview with the Managing Director of Maltix.

Your due diligence, financial evaluation and licence deposit.

10% deposit stage fully returnable if the Board declines your application:

Approval for Board interview:

Full Board interview via Google MEET

If the Board decline your application, your deposit is returned in full on the day.


Payment of the balance for the Maltix licence.

The Licence fee is £6995 plus VAT

Working capital requirements £2000

This is date stamped from Saturday 16th April 2022

All successful applicants will be informed of Board approval within 24 hours

Maltix congratulations
Maltix congratulations

On reward of your licence you will receive :

Training manual within the MALTIX operating platform.

Access to all documentation.

Meet new and existing Partners.

Your business management technology usernames and password and TITAN email set up.

APP based “work from anywhere” UK mobile telephone number and digital PBX setup.

Your CHAT management invitation.

Professional vCard

Commencement of your Partnership and Licence issued.

Weekly one on one training and support thereafter.

TRAINING DATE ANNOUNCEMENT: Twice weekly training dates for approved Licensees

Alternatively send your details and we will email a secure application form page to start your interview process:

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

We look forward to your application:

William Nicholls
William Nicholls Founder of Maltix

Maltix is a SOLUTIONS based company for business and the general public.

Connecting dynamic QR for traditional print and social media.

Connecting phone friendly solutions that millennials crave for.

Junior Maltix programme

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