Losing my Queen

An article about modern marketing.

Losing my Queen and mentor is similar to losing my Grandmother, albeit 50 years later.

My grandmother was a large property owner, her advice still resonates.

” If you do what you have always done your going to get what you always got! ”

Unlike 50 years ago property is the modern version of GOLD and diamond investment.

My grandmother also said.

” You never own a house, it owns you” how true!

Trends come and go but modern marketing is too complex for any single mind, talking to an estate agent yesterday really brought that home to me.

So how about some advice from my Mother:

“Let the baby walk” very often used in situations whereby people in the family are trying to control another or are overbearing with their views or over supportive when experience has to be learned.

Marketing is intimately connected to the sales cycle.

The reward for doing a good job is more work, no marketing required

The referral comes first and last, but you have to trust the process and you have to ask for the referral.

So if an Estate Agent was to put trust in their referral process ( and my goodness they really should )

Why on earth do they not put the simple phone technology in place to achieve that ?


The link is actually a dynamic QR link and because QR can also be scanned, the business card (called a vCard) is the absolutely perfect vehicle for the referral.

No marketing required, no expensive website campaign, in fact nothing more than trust in your clients to spread the word for you.

Have you taken the QR link? Sure it works on a PC

When you SCAN or take the link on a smartphone, thats when the magic of referral begins.

Click every link on the business card, especially “Download vCard” and “Share this page”

The simplest of solutions and not just for Estate Agents:

Online stationery CLICK HERE.

FREE QUOTES immediate turnaround simple administration required.

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