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Logo design from Maltix

Own the rights to your Logo on a platform that allows you to seamlessly move your Logo into a myriad of future requirements.

Multiple designs on the budget you choose.

Logo design is an important part of your journey:

And so is the strapline:

The human eye quickly informs the brain to form an impression.

It takes seconds to make the right impression.

The Logo design is the link from first impression to a promise or a service that your offer.

It’s the natural progression to a Captivating one liner or Strapline within your Flyers and Posters.

Here is an example of that:

You are drawn into explore more:

Melodramatic Gin logo
Let the fun be gin

SCAN to see the LOGO continue to do its work!

gin shop
Gin reorder
Gin re order for the bottle.

We offer a choice of LOGO designs for you to choose from, with many benefits it couldn’t be easier.

logo benefits

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