Join up your office

Going to the same place for everything in your office seems like an unlikely scenario.

With an open mind set, all you need is a modest internet connection.

And some applied logic.

With free independent advice and FREE trials from Maltix.

Benefits of a modern joined up office with free advice from Maltix
One desk, one Smart device, one headset, one internet connection

Benefits of change.

No more servers and the people who drive you mad operating them.

Say goodbye to complicated printers, no more paper.

Remove spreadsheets and all the palaver of software.

Automate wages and bills.

Connect and record absolutely every piece of correspondence in one easily searchable CRM

Get rid of the desktop telephone, Click to call within CRM and record every call.

Effortlessly work on the move

The typical Maltix office.

I want an office like this please.
Free advice from Maltix
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No clutter. Nothing additional required.

FREE advice hit the CHAT or Whats APP on Smartphone.

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