Join form pages to your PWA

Join form pages to a PWA with Maltix simple solutions.

We like to keep things cheap and simple in your PWA production.

The form pages on your website can simply be added to your PWA in the same way an existing eCommerce store can be added.

But do you know that you can easily add a bank account to your form, perfect for one off purchase and saves all the unnecessary expense of a web store.

Lets say you charge a fixed consultancy fee or a subscription fee or have just a few products to sell.

Ask Maltix to create a form page that connects to your PWA and your website if you want to!

Payments go straight to Pay-Pal or Stripe and you can manage where the money goes and VAT from there.

The client receives a notification from your form page and from the bank.

Free Smart form page, QR, FREE trials for CRM, APP telephone, Digital contracts and more

Now listen up Join form pages to a PWA

Maltix can also connect your form pages directly to your CRM.

Maltix can even add digital contracts to your form page, store right in the heart of your CRM

In other words when people sign up for a newsletter or place an order or whatever- it goes straight into your CRM ! 2 month FREE TRIAL with support.

We can also automatically add your incoming data to a newsletter system like Mailchimp

name. email, organisation, telephone numbers all in one secure place.

If you want to save a fortune on telephony, keep your existing numbers no problem, switch to Circleloop FREE TRIAL ( trust us, its EPIC!!! )

Now you can click to call straight from your CRM, its super cool. Phone from the APP on your phone from anywhere in the world, phone from the CRM desktop with headphones.

Staff can make and receive calls right off their own phone with everything recorded in the CRM WOW!

New offices now have no telephones on the desks anymore, they are too expensive and a great place to pass bugs as we now all know !

So in a nut shell, Maltix can cheaply and seamlessly join up your PWA form pages to your CRM to your Newsletter and your Bank.

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