I’ve divorced my webmaster.

Damian Halliday

A news wire article.

I have changed my business whirling’s by questioning the motives of my webmaster.

Apart from the never ending bills and frustrations with the dilemma of marketing my business.

I wasn’t happy with the route my tech team had chosen.

I’ve divorced my webmaster.

I came to the conclusion that the modus operandi of my Website developer, social media specialist and SEO master were in cahoots.

A never ending journey of false horizons and undelivered promises and deadlines.

I seemed to be the meal ticket in a project I could never understand.

My journey of change came about from some chance reading of the Smartphone generation, the Millennials and the Gen-z’s ( scary )

Ok, I’m a fashion retailer, and I have to keep up with the trends, but the realisation that my business growth is wholly dependent on people who didn’t share my passion bothered me.

It was a conversation with my 16 year old son that changed everything.

My question was “What’s the big deal with social media Mikey ?”

He rolled his eyes.

“Its where we go Dad, its how we get stuff done, its where we share”

So when I slept on that statement, I realised something.

My children have iPad’s and access to PC’s but never really use them.

My children’s world is the Smartphone only.

I’ve divorced my webmaster.

So what does get stuff done, its where we share actually mean for me as an online retailer?

Another part of my journey was explained when my wife bought a new Apple watch, the kids unwrapped it and set it up.

It was the first time I actually realised that the watch is just a replicate, a slave or a mirror of what’s on the phone and in that moment of realisation, Mikey said, yeah its kind of like a APP.

“Eh ? an APP is a mirror of a website ?” “Mikey yeah kind of but we share all the stuff through APPs on social media, websites

What stuff I enquired ? “Coupons, voucher discounts, promotions, deals, duh they come in on the notifications and we share them “

Aged 56 Im getting it, the APP is where its at !

Damian Halliday Blogger and News wire contributor.

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