Is your email inbox taking up too much of your time?

If we could show you how to stop your email inbox taking up too much of your time, would you have 10 minutes to read this blog and take action today?

What time do you spend sifting your emails every day ?

Do the math on time you volunteer to waste every year , ouch.

Act today. Reading this blog will change everything

Take action with Maltix today and divorce your inbox addiction.

How many folders do you have ?

How much time do you waste moving emails into folders ?

Statistics show a typical professional receives 200 emails a day and responds to 25% of them.

Or in other words, if 25% of your incoming emails were automatically filed for your proper attention.

Your email inbox would automatically be freed up by 75%, correct?

What if

We can demonstrate to you how to keep your email inbox

And remove 90% of its importance ?

What if incoming emails automatically stored exactly where you prescribed them to store.

And every email is connected to the kind of organised secretary that rarely exists in the real world.

This secretary will never let you miss a reply and records all correspondence and information in one place.

You name it its searchable.

The system Maltix has in mind is called Capsule Client Relationship Management or CRM.

The system is 100% malleable to your business and starts at £12 per month.

It connects to you email system, but incredibly it connects to every record you deem important in your business.

No matter how complex, it just does its stuff.

A CRM is like a central control for a TAXI business or Emergency Services, hierarchical in nature that records every piece of outbound and inbound communication.

It will compartmentalise and tag or log every piece of information for future searches.

Plus more.

Take action with Maltix today and click for a free 2 month trial with full support.

Make that step today.

Contactless cleverness is coming your way. Its time for change.

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