Imagine the additional spousal pain you can avoid now whilst you are still alive.

1. Your Final Chapter

From experience and some of our earliest cases trying to resolve an estate of a client we found that the deceased had a will but not signed properly, no original or an abridge marriage certificate, their antenuptial contract is mis laid or gone.

Husband & Wives

The bread winner make all the decisions, paid all the bills run all the finances without the wife ever being involved and have excess to any login details to bank accounts.

They don’t even know how and where they will get any money until some funds get paid.

And dying intestate is the ultimate cardinal sin.

Employing and retaining quality people is a CEO’s often neglected responsibility.

2. CEO & Business Owners

Are so concerned about the productivity or the bottom line of the business that they overlook the stress their employees are going through.
They might be overwhelmed working from home and still do all their basic housework looking after the children coming home after school.
Maybe sitting with an unrepaired vehicle due to a cut is their salary prompting short term insurance premiums.

They even had to cut back on their medicals.

Shock truth: The miserly wealthy risk their wealth through poor planning.

3. Short term Insurance
Just read an article about the super wealthy that are under insured – see article

Family business Directors fail their family through negligent forward planning with a professional.

4. Family business

Currently busy with client husband passed away who had 20% share in a family business, whilst in hospital the family lend the wife some money to pay for medical costs, now they want her to donate her the shares that she might be entitled to as full settlement of the money they lend her, without any valuations of the family business to determine the value of the shares.
In short there is no buy and sell agreement in place or any other agreements in place.

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