Imagine a year from now.

Smart phone technology is incredibly disruptive.

And now it has combined with low build and running costs for the first time.

It has the ability to smash any proven business model in just a few months.

The change can happen so fast, all the clients from an existing business model can be stolen in the blink of an eye.

It’s customer voluntary, thats the problem.

Not a problem for the customer though!

Imagine a year from now.

The client is taking the marketing away from the traditional marketeer.

This isn’t about SEO, or Pay per click, or Blogs

It’s got nothing to do with advertising with Google Ads or Facebook.

Nor Instagram or any of the other social media.

In fact Social Media is simply becoming a distribution ledger, just like the blockchain.

So what change is happening with business adopting a PWA ?

Two way one on one communication.


The Progressive Web App costs one tenth to build compared to the old Native APPS in the APP store.


The technology that runs inside the new PWA is all included in its production.

A PWA is feature RICH inclusive and runs like magic on all Smartphone devices.

It ticks every single communication medium for the Smartphone.

Instant 2 way communication included.

It’s personal.


A PWA can be shared at infinitum on social media, it has wings.


A PWA doesn’t have to be stored on a users Smartphone.

It actually works offline with no interruption.

A PWA can connect to a QR code at lightning speed.


The PWA joins everything up.

A one stop spot for the Smartphone user.

Built specifically for the majority business communication device.

The Smartphone.

Affordable small business adoption for the first time.

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