If only we had thought deeper about our print campaign

Our failure sent $ 12750 plus GST completely down the drain

Newswire article Baltimore Chamber of Commerce September 2021

Dan Monaghan Baltimore Port comms

Dan Monaghan talking to the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce in their first Breakfast meeting in nearly two years.

I wanted to share my experience about a safety campaign that was thrust upon me by the Port Authorities.

Quite a complex document was issued and the committee wanted a simple message to

“To nail to the wall”

If only I had thought deeper about my print campaign

I’m sharing a mistake I oversaw

We commissioned our normal print designer, worked hard on the message and printed a hundred branded posters in full color weather proof gloss.

It took nearly 2 weeks to get them all in place.

Stating the obvious

We completely forgot QR codes.

And when it was pointed out to me by a safety officer, my head sunk.

The really complicated information issued by the Port Authorities each has a video explainer, there in plain sight on the original document issued to the committee.

15 in fact.

What was missing in our calibration of the print job was our own dedicated QR that we can then link to any information we need to get out there in the future.

And with all the regular changes and rules etc we could actually simply update the QR code back office in the same way we update our website and intranet.

My message of the day guys, get you own dedicated and hosted Smart QR code, get it linked to a simple platform where everything else can be found and shared.

That way you future proof all your print campaigns and avoid unnecessary costs.

Stating the obvious wasn’t so obvious 6 months ago.

Dan Monaghan Baltimore Port comms Newswire September 2021

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