How to volunteer client change in your business.

They say its easier to lead a bull into the pen than push him !

And the explosive growth of business on the Smartphone is perfect for leading your business through advocacy.

By tapping into the millennial smartphone mindset.

And exploiting the sales cycle reversal for your small business.

The good old fashioned referral is now volunteered on social media.

Small business can reap the benefits by using a Progressive Web APP

sales cycle
The sales cycle is reversing.

How to volunteer and lead a client on their Smartphone.

PWA smartphone marketing is instant and personal.

The secret is exceptional PWA customer service.

With a focus on immediate client response.

And a system to remember all the touchpoints of your customer journey to date.

two way comms
Two way comms and customer service is integral to a PWA

Use the APP in APP components within your hosting package.

By using social media as your primary business distribution ledger.

Offer irresistible deals.

Shareable promotions.

Quiet time offers.

Encouraging social media APP to APP share.

Social media share
Shareable Discounts and promotions

What has changed and why so quick?

Smartphones are becoming super dominant for small business.

The stats are phenomenal. source GMS 2020

And users are demanding new experiences that a website was never designed to fulfill.

Maltix is showcasing a new Google engineered APP called a Progressive Web APP or PWA.

A PWA is very light on its feet, and doesn’t clog up Smartphone memory.

In fact, it doesn’t need to be downloaded.

PWA’ s work without downloading. “touch it and you’ve got it technology

Super fast and actually works offline in tunnels or with poor reception.

A PWA gives the manager exciting two way options to engage a Smartphone user.

And distributes on its own merits through social media.

Why the PWA is perfect for small business.

Offers a quicker release time and connects lighting fast to an existing E-commerce store

Decreases the gap between businesses and customers:

Saves you from third-party APP store subscriptions:

Ensures you are not lost in the APP store.

Guarantees your APP is never deleted.

The old Native APP is toast.

Why the majority of older APP’s are deleted within a week.

Difference between PWA and older native APPS highlighted
Maltix fixed cost PWA development

Lancome Case study Data SourceGoogle

PWA blog volunteering client change using the two way technology of the PWA
Small business CASE STUDIES

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