How many APPS actually get downloaded ?

How many APPS actually get downloaded ? we hate to be the ones to break this to you.

Did you know that 9/10 apps never make it out of the App Store?

App Store odds are not in your favour.

Chances are , your app will get lost in space in the App Store, never to be seen again.

But now technology has changed and Maltix build much cheaper feature rich Progressive Web APPS with wings to fly outside the APP store.

From your PWA you can distribute your APP directly to your customers via SMS, email, social media, website widget and QR code.

Your PWA APP has wings, it distributes like wildfire outside the APP store
Distribute your PWA like a firestorm on social media

They get the link, they click on it, they have the APP, Kaboom, it’s just that easy!

Let’s make your PWA go viral!

Maltix APPS are as shareable as the common cold.

Users of any Maltix built PWA can quickly and easily share that APP with their own network, via SMS, email, or social media.

Do you have incredible content that people will want to spread?

Well, they can!

Yes, you heard that correctly with in APP sharing they can!

And you can encourage them along by offering special discounts or prizes to get your APP lots of downloads by sharing it.

You have 100% editorial control of your live APP at all times, hit the publish button and Kaboom!

Click publish and its live Kaboom !

A Maltix PWA works across all devices and OS types.

There is no stopping it…it really can go viral!

If you want to use your Maltix APP only to share content with a select, private group of people just turn off in-APP sharing.

Now your Feature Rich options come into play.

Remember Maltix are the first PWA Company in the world to offer fully inclusively priced production costs, oh yeah!

With creative content and clever marketing your PWA will make interaction with new and potential clients.

Engaging, interactive and fun on the only device thats important, the mobile phone.

What PWA inclusive technology can you use to engage new and existing clients ?

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Offers, discounts, promotions, NEWS, share to your social media and earn

MEMBER LOGIN. For closed groups

E-COMMERCE INTEGRATION.Your eCommerce shop just got another channel, team it with Live CHAT

LIVE CHAT. Be on the ball, talk and support at checkout, queries etc

ANALYTICS.You know exactly how each campaign is performing

QR for your print. Read this incredible BLOG and convert paper money to digital promotion in an instant.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING. Got a quiet period ? fill it up! Remove the paper diary forever !

FORM page. Send your clients data straight into a newsletter and CRM database. . Name, address, telephone number, email, tags, searchable filters -go professional with Maltix.

VOTE BUILDING. Engage and react!

COUNTDOWN. Discount voucher use by date, New department opening, get creative!



USER FEEDBACK. Listen and act

DELEGATES. Perfect for a show or Trade Fair.