How does a PWA work for small business ?

How does it work ?

Your PWA defaults to any smartphone alongside your website URL.

As an example:

Visit trivago on a PC

Now see how it changes on your smartphone.

Your device now becomes a conduit for the rich features of a PWA.


Websites are designed to deliver customer self help.

A PWA provides two way customer service.

Smartphone users who experience strong customer service are much more likely to share their experience on social media.

A PWA enables social media as your distribution ledger.

Clients naturally pick up a phone for instant two way conversation.

Progressive Web APP the benefits for small business.

Smartphones are becoming super dominant for small business.

And users are demanding new experiences that a website was never designed to fulfill.

Maltix is showcasing a new Google engineered APP called a Progressive Web APP or PWA.

A PWA is very light on its feet, and doesn’t clog up Smartphone memory.

Super fast and actually works offline in tunnels or with poor reception.

A PWA gives the manager exciting two way options to engage a Smartphone user.

And distributes on its own merits through social media, heavily impacting on dated and expensive online marketing.

Perfect for small business promotions & ideas that focus on customer satisfaction.

And advanced business management, e.g filling quiet slots.

A PWA is how your future business distributes on social media with happy clients telling their friends and their friends.

No APP store required !

Your PWA has wings , we say it’s as infectious as laughter !

The benefits for small business distribution on social media focusing on customer service.

Smartphone users expectations short video.

Good news

Customer service is key to the sales cycle.

The new Progressive Web APP enables the Smartphone referral on social media.

A PWA has the ability to dramatically reduce expenditure on SEO and marketing.

Social media is the natural distribution ledger for a PWA.

The challenge.

The expectations of the Millennial Smartphone user.

They will control market share by 75% within 5 years.

And demand immediacy and succinct continuity with a focus on A to Z business on one device.

More good news

A PWA appears as a website on a PC and an APP on a Smartphone.

It doesn’t have to be downloaded and works offline.

“touch it and you’ve got it technology”

Packed full of communication technology thats expected by the Smartphone user.

Very good news

Your existing website can stay as is.

The PWA runs off your website URL and automatically snaps into action on a Smartphone.

Maltix joins up the dots for your new PWA.

Comm’s for the Smartphone.

Encouraging clients and customers to use your product or facilities, on your terms.

Inclusively priced Rich features and components.

Your PWA is an APP with wings, its a 2 way instant multi communication channel.

It’s a dual strategy of customer communities and the integral components of Smartphone PWA.

Free social media distribution a short video.

The benefits for small business.

Chat, notifications and SMS shareable social media friendly promotions to distribute your PWA on social media
Your PWA work offline and doesn’t need to be downloaded!

Focus on all communications as if they were a telephone call.

Unprecedented uninterrupted share across social media.

PWA for smartphone customer service

PWA features actually volunteer and enable your clients to share your marketing on social media.

A PWA distributes on a shareable address.

Use Social media as your distribution ledger

Drive new business using the smartphone

A PWA distributes your promotions via social media.

One off redeemable coupons for anybody to use is just one example.

Free up strangers to distribute your vouchers on social media right off your PWA

Volunteer changes to your clients habits with distribution of promotions, redeemable vouchers, coupons etc

Single use PWA digital coupons to distribute via social media
Single use Digital coupons right on the clients smartphone

Maltix build new generation PWA

Managing data with smart forms and distributing through QR codes is all part of the deal!

QR you PWA and get your information delivered by complete strangers on the the social media ledger

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