Hotel Directors unwittingly give their data away.

A reactionary article published in the Hotelier magazine Dubai and released on newswire.

The Hotelier: June article:

Speaking at The F&B stakeholder Hotel Show Dubai 2021, a Balkan restaurant boss said that “discounts should be a tool to reward loyal customers, not to attract new ones”.

“It time for restaurants in Dubai to end their reliance on discount APP’s, such as The Entertainer, to get customers through the door”

That’s certainly the opinion of 21 Grams owner Stasha Toncev

Reaction: “We took an opposite view to articles like this”

Hazeem Nadim Director of a prestigious Dubai boutique destination states that Hotels that use third party APPS are giving their data away instead of keeping it to market internally themselves.

If they do not own and operate the APP themselves, there is an illusion that past clients will simply move on to the next discounted outlet.

That was his conclusion after time spent time with a new marketing manager after their previous manager left when Covid struck.

Sandeep Patel is a recent graduate and marketing manager from the Indian institute of Technology, Delhi.

Hotel Directors unwittingly give their data away.

His forward learning graduation programme focused on rental cloud technology to enable their clients Smartphone.

Hazeem Nadim
Hazeem Nadim Boutique Hotel Dubai

With visitor numbers down 60 %, Hazeem was curious how they could use a new generation Progressive Web APP in combination with QR codes within the hotel to generate future business on social media.

Sandeep Patel focused on the combination of a hosted room service Food delivery APP in combination with advanced QR marketing ideas.

The QR codes all have a clear call to action and are distributed in every room and open space.

Hazeem Nadim and Sandeep Patel are encouraging their past and present customers to distribute their promotions on social media.

Some of the ideas developed so far.

Future discounts on multiple stays.
Inviting friends rewards.

Hen or stag nights
Vouchers to book a table for larger parties.
Wedding deals.
Book a birthday present.
Meet the manager drink at the bar.
Book another night with a free bottle of bubbly.

Quiet mid week booking success!

Special offer during the week stay for 3 nights pay for 2

Vast amounts of automated data into the Hotel CRM allow us to get even more creative with cross marketing.

It’s a new beginning, we are excited to explore new marketing techniques.

Hazeem Nadim Boutique Hotel Director, Dubai.

A subscription newswire article:

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