ACME DEMO ESTATE AGENTS has more action than an action thriller!

Action packed Smart brochure functionality. 

Highlighting Smart brochure functionality. 

ACTION: Property for Sale 

ACTION: Open House



ACTION: GEO QR for your sat nav here. (Golf course example)

We recommend ( this discounted ) Momenzo template video APP for Estate Agents in the field. TAKE ACTION CLICK watch for discounted pricing


ACTION : Scan below for property video from Momenzo

Call to action logo example.

We build call to action into the QR code

ACTION: BOOK open house HERE Smart form page example.

80% of first client contact is through a form page.

This is a smart form page.

It can auto populate CRM (TEAMS) plus auto send email and SMS to allotted Agents for notification.

It will also send a dedicated message to recipient

SCAN this demo form to see a Smart form page in action

ACTION: SCAN Below. This is a smart form page, please fill in and send as a demo user.

ACTION: Scan QR below for ACME AGENT contact details and auto add to your Smartphone ( Maltix Partner example )

ACTION: The combination of VIDEO Smart QR and a Progressive Web APP in action

ACTION. Got a new perspective? Do you grasp how important the “Smartphone-first” approach has become? Scan below for a beautiful Estate Agent QR example linked to this page.

If Smartphone first rings a bell with you and you would like to get more enlightened, book an online EVENT Scan below. We are looking at using smartphone first thinking to manage the multiple touchpoints on every completion.

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