Hair and beauty salon PWA case study

Hair and beauty salon PWA case study.

PWA case studies for small business.

How a beauty salon changed the habits of its customers for profit.

Two key problems that were solved with a modest investment into a PWA.

Too quiet early week and too busy towards the end of the working day.

Stagnated business growth with walk in’s frustratingly being turned away.

These two problems are compounded by the staffing required and the flexitime the salon had built into their staff retention scheme.

Maltix Action plan

Build the PWA, linking to a third party APP software called FRESHA

Whilst on-boarding via CHAT with Maltix, we discussed which build inclusive features we could adopt to solve the two problems identified.

We opted for these tick box choices for the on-boarding document





QR window displays




Using the Fresha system had already changed the booking procedures within the salon.

Irrespective of who takes the booking, the same diary is used and staff use their own smartphones !

The marketing plan using the PWA technology

How to get the PWA into the marketplace.

Large QR codes on the shop windows and in the toilets, with a strong call to action written alongside the QR.

50% off your next treatment if you share this APP on Facebook.

Fill in a smart form asking for name, email and telephone number.

With incredible PWA uptake , the 2 way communication channels sprang into life.

Now the PWA notifications functionality combined with SMS began to chip away at changing peoples booking times.

The CHAT room engagement reporting system has show over 400% growth in conversation.

Promotions sent directly to the salon PWA via SMS and notification.

Book now Monday or Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 5 for free treatment on X

Share the Salon APP on social media and get a free redeemable £20 Christmas token.

Book now: early bird nails next week and choose from the new colour collection from X

Book your favourite hair stylist now on CHAT share CHAT with friends and get your next wash and blow for free.

Via SMS , share the salon APP countdown today for Gemma’s wedding, make sure you are booked in for your collective wedding treatments.

Even with all the upheaval of the pandemic, this salon is adamant that their PWA has smoothed out their quiet periods and improved turnover.

What we can learn from this is to ask the right questions for your business or organisation

What changes could you make to improve your business?

The reality is that a PWA is a two way communication tool and can be manipulated to resolve almost any issue you have inside your business or organisation.

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