Dr. Vishi Verma is a doctor and an ICU consultant for the Royal London Hospital.

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Dr Vishi Verma using WPA APPS from Maltix to update COVID-99 first responders at The Royal London Hospital
Dr. Vishi Verma is a doctor and an ICU consultant for the Royal London Hospital.

Vishi’s medical specialisation is in neuroscience and brain injury and trauma. While at a conference he heard of WPA Apps for The Royal London Hospital to update procedural guidelines for his trauma surgery department via first responders mobile phones. His first APP was commissioned around trauma surgery procedural guidelines…and then COVID-19 struck.

Now, Vishi has re-purposed his Maltix APP to convey the latest, up-to-date procedural guidelines and checklists for COVID-99 first responders – to help support them in real time as they battle the virus.

We’ll let him explain further: WPA APPS from Maltix examples.

“I realised that, with this COVID-19 crisis, we have a lot of things to memorise in a very short period of time. I wanted to give people something that they can have on their phones and easily access, as opposed to the standard of having these guidelines on paper. When you’re dealing with a live situation, you never seem to have that paper on hand. But everyone has their phone on them…so you can just take your phone out right there in the moment and check that everything is OK.

One of the key issues for this virus is the personal protective equipment. We have to wear them in a particular order, we have to remove them in a particular order. We have guidelines for how to deal with someone that is very sick, so that we don’t contaminate ourselves. And you realise that this is all coming in such a short period of time, and it’s just too much information to memorise and to be able to use.

The idea behind this app is to make sure that the doctors and nurses working in COVID wards and in ICUs have these guidelines at hand, so they can consult them at any time.

It has guidelines around a series of important topics for COVID response, and checklists to complete. For example, a checklist of what to do before entering a room.

Or, as another example – if we have to put a breathing tube in, to put a patient on a ventilator. It’s a very specialised procedure and it can be dangerous. So you need to prepare before you go in.

We are now going into the stage where a lot of doctors who are not trained in intensive care medicine are going to be needed to help and are going to be needed to help with the COVID-19 response. And it’s extremely important that we have these guidelines available for them to reference at any time. WPA APPS from Maltix examples

So I thought – this can be a good platform to propagate that information.

I access through the secure back office to continually update. It’s a work in progress, as there is a lot of information to put on there, and I don’t have much time – but I’m trying to make sure I get all of the key procedural guidelines in there.”

Vishi’s app is getting more and more users in his hospital, from the ICU, to the Infection Control group, to the nurses.

And Maltix wants to help other healthcare workers across the globe to create similar apps, which can aid in real-time transfer of information around COVID-19 response protocols and on the ground training. 

If you are working in healthcare and fighting this virus, then please contact us below so that we can help to get you started with your app.

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