Ghost kitchens are stealing our business.

We found a solution.

ghost kitchens
Ghost kitchens stealing our business.

An article written for Sandeep Kumar Spice Cottage, Victoria Australia.

Sandeep was interviewed by 9 News and the Newswire article is a precis of that interview.


With all thats been going on its been a rollercoaster ride in our well established local Indian restaurant.

The Spice Cottage brand is well known and well respected for over 20 years !

But something began to happen around August last year.

We had a complaint on a food order we didn’t make.

AND when we asked them to bring the food in we discovered something horrendous !

The packaging had a QR code, when you held up the camera to view it linked to a food delivery APP called Indian Belmont, Belmont is our town.

Where the food comes from is a mystery to this day, but we are aware of perfectly legal ghost kitchens or black kitchens that simply fulfil orders off their own geographical delivery APPs.

Ghost kitchens are stealing our business.

This is how we are fighting back:

We bought our own food delivery APP !

We were already using ORDER-UP

And use them to distribute our own APP.

So after the APP was launched we printed an APP code that we stuck on our food cartons.

Alongside it says. ” Next time order direct for a free main course “

We get at least 10 orders a day now on our own APP and we deliver.

An article by Sally Gleeson newswire contributor.