Food home delivery APP Q & A

Have you tallied up the actual cost of using a third party delivery company ?

No need to mention names, but we all know their business model is adding your clients DATA to their already mighty database.

Why would they want to do that ?

Because their business model is a future flotation on the Stock exchange or something similar.

Restaurant APP 2.9% transactional fee DEAL
2.9% delivery fee

Does it make sound business sense to manage the entire delivery process yourself?

Food home delivery APP Q & A

Q: Why was an APP so expensive to build and host?

A: Because the old Native APP was impossibly expensive to manufacture and distribute from the Apple store.

Q: So how can a complete APP delivery system be so cheap with Maltix?

A: Because Google invented a new technology called a progressive Web APP (PWA) that works on all devices at ultra high speed.

Q: Does £299 get the complete system built ?

A: YES !

Q: What do I get ?

A: A complete replication of just about any established delivery APP out there.

Q: What are the running costs?

A: £1.80 a day. Or in other words, your first daily order above £7.20 will cover it.

Q: How do I market my new APP?

A: Maltix provide QR codes that you print onto sticky labels for every food container and vehicles.

Q: How else can I market ?

A: No APP download required, it distributes freely on social media. Encourage your clients to share your digital loyalty promotions.

Q: Why would my clients use our own dedicated APP for future orders ?

Digital loyalty card
Digital loyalty card

A: Because you have a built in Digital loyalty card.

Q: How does a Digital Loyalty card work?

A: You decide. For example. Free main-course with your 5th order. Or free bottle of wine when you spend £75. 20% off 6 to 7pm deliveries Monday to Thursday. Get creative !

Q: How do we track clients using the Digital loyalty card?

A: It’s built into the management system.

Stripe connected to Apple Pay

Q: How do we get paid ?

A: APP order payment system takes all payment gateways through Apple Pay.

Q: What are the transactional costs of payment?

A: Stripe negotiated 2.9% plus 20 to 30 cents per transaction.

Q: Can designated delivery drivers take secure payments as well ?

A: Yes through their Smartphone to your designated bank account.

Q: How do we control the delivery area?

A: Easy to use drag and drop Geo fencing feature in back office.

Q: How do delivery drivers gets notified ?

A: Rotated designated drivers receive email and SMS.

Q: Can I send messages and promotions ?

A: Every single client who touches your APP agrees to future notifications.

An APP with SMS
An APP with SMS

Q: Can we SMS ?

A: Yes free 200 SMS included in your hosting.

Q: Can I use the APP in my restaurant?

A: Yes. For table order and table booking.

Q: Internet connectivity varies in my area, does this matter?

A: No. The Maltix PWA has a “work offline feature” All orders are retained.

Q: I have multiple kitchens, do I need an APP for each area?

A: Probably. But lets talk about that.

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