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Restaurant Owners:

Use your existing food delivery company to distribute your APP through QR

Why lose a ridiculous 30% of profit on food delivery?

There’s a way to fight back!

Onboard today, book a 30 minute chat below.

Delivery companies such as BOLT, UBER EATS, DELIVEROO etc charge 20 to 30% ( OUCH )

why pay 30%
Take control of your business.

Food Delivery APP

You only pay 2.9% for each transaction plus a maximum 20p to 30p transactional fee.


Includes Apple Pay to your bank.

Contactless client payment to all authorised staff.

Limitless inventory.

Order process function.

Driver notification.

Digital loyalty card.

QR codes for table orders or home delivery.

GEO fence your delivery area.

And more !

Book a free call, lets discuss how you can save thousands in delivery fees and KEEP your data for yourself.

Arrange SMS, voucher deals, notification and future newsletter campaigns.

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What do you get?

Digital Menu

Very smart with sharp images.

Price management easy to update.

Perfect for table service inside or out.

A contactless solution.

Hassle-free Pick up

Jump the waiting list
Optional Pick-up makes it easy to pick the food up at the preferred time.

Online Order

Forget the waiter.

Scan the QR code on the table.


Impossible to mix up orders.

Online Food Delivery

Door step delivery.

Hotel room delivery.

Automatic driver notification via email and SMS

Online Table Reservation

One online calendar.

Restaurant staff can book clients in via their smartphone.

Clients can automatically book with table allocation.

Online Pre-Ordering Products

Skip the long wait
Using Online Pre-Order option, the users are able to pre-book their order and reserve a table without waiting outside the restaurant.

Ghost kitchens galore.

Add the delivery areas per kitchen.

ghost kitchen (also known as a delivery-only restaurant, virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, commissary kitchen or dark kitchen) is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals.

QR Code Feature

Share QR code with friends and family.
Consumers can click and share their order QR code with their family and friends

Offers and Promotions

Maintain customers.
Create coupons and campaigns for upcoming occasions, early doors, happy hour deals, offers etc., post and distribute them to promote what you offer to the customers.

Your APP has a dedicated website address for distribution.

It can be added to an existing website address.

Social Media Marketing

Undemanding business publicity.
Customers can access your web APP using a URL.

You will be able to broadcast your restaurant business on Facebook, in an Online Ad, QR codes and text messages.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Did you know that increasing customer retention by just 5% may boost your profits by 25% to 95%? 

With our loyalty card feature, you can improve your return on investment and keep your customers satisfied long-term.

Loyalty points and prizes can be redeemed on Staff smartphones or inhouse smart devices.

Push Notifications Feature

Reach users instantly.

“Touch it and you’ve got it technology”

APP download is not necessary.
Push notifications help boost your reach to the customers quickly and convey promotions, offers and current deals.

SMS Marketing Option

Strengthen your quality customer engagement.

Distribute your APP

First 200 SMS are free within your hosting package.

More ? click here SMS.

Improved Revenue with Data Analytics

Customise your offered services.
You can improve your business by capturing, observing and analysing metrics per month for which are you most liked and highest grossing beverages and food items. .

Customer Reviews

Reviews are your strength
Your consumers sharing revues and referrals is very powerful with the Smartphone generation.

Let your new customer know how well you serve your customers with third party integrations included in your hosting package.

PWA build deal

Questions and Answers BLOG.

PWA blog

Launching a food delivery APP for profit BLOG.

PWA blog


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