Flyers and Posters

Interactive online stationery.

Connect your products and services directly to the phone. Improve service levels dramatically. Stand out from the crowd and generate word of mouth sales and rave reviews. 


You may have already talked to us about a business card.

The investments that you make with Dynamic QR can be repeated into your Flyers and Posters.

Those QR messages can change AFTER print.

Or in other words, dynamic QR on a business card and flyer or poster can be changed simultaneously.

We advise on a generic call to action for all your dynamic QR.

The “Call to Action” can change on the QR code display frame, its all part of the design service.

Here is an example to SCAN:

Curry box
curry box

Flyers & posters call to action, captivating one liners, copy and Dynamic QR.

The essential advice for dynamic QR is a “call to action”

For example:

Using TIME

Property of the week, Star car of the week, Quarterly results, Weekly discount voucher, Record of the week, Next months meeting, Book appointment, Priority booking, Jump queue here, Book next EVENT, Priority here.


Message from the Owner, Tip of the month, Latest discount, Regular advice, Latest spreadsheet, Mortgage calculator, Money calculators, Latest updates, Our business model, How we help you, Save time here, Book appointment, Connect to Wi-Fi , Our treatments, Live Documentation, Redeem vouchers, e-commerce, Pay here, latest Video, Book now, Let us phone you.

In Situ

Room service, Book local trips, Loyalty discount, Book Spa treatments, Discounts, Feedback, Pay car park, Table service, MAP, Route to toilets, Route to Taxi rank, Menu, Drinks Menu, Ticket pay, Club membership

When the call to action is generic, then you have something quite special because a serviced or subscription Dynamic QR can change regularly and simultaneously across all your print AND social media

Flyers, business cards and posters.

Like this: SCAN each one and it becomes more obvious.

Property of the month
Clickable reverse business card
Clickable Flyer with over 1000 scans. LOADS in 1 seconds

“In conjunction with Dynamic QR we are entering the most exciting period of print since the Caxton press”

William Nicholls founder of Maltix

Copy advice:

We have a background in the newspaper industry, so we know the importance of copy and the captivating one liner within your flyers and leaflets.

The ACTOR Avatar is a sensational solution for repeating an important message.

How many times do you try and explain your business offering or the benefits you offer?

Listen how your Flyers and Posters can talk.

Click on the Lady
Hotelier press release

Private and personal events

Keep the design simple we design the QR to do all the work !

Private events parties invitations

Flyers, postcards, letterheads, menus, updateable wedding list, thank you cards and lots more!

Classic unfussy design.

Super smart dynamic QR design

100% editable after print!

GEO map to venues

Invitation with RSVP and automatic confirmation

Wedding list (editable)

Seating plans (editable)

Avatar announcements

Your wedding – managed on your guests phone!

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