Estate Agents mis-communication is proving costly

Phone focus
Phone focus

Estate Agents mis-communication is proving costly and those costs can be calculated in lost instructions and completions.

The real problem with a Millennial and the Gen Z prospect is that they want to conduct A to Z business on their phone.

They’re not interested in navigating websites on such a small screen and they never use a PC.

In a gunfight they say you have 2 seconds,

RETRO is the new cool, and its based on print.

Business cards, Flyers, Posters and for sale signage.

Serviced professional Dynamic QR snaps into action in the blink of an eye.

Doesn’t connect to a laborious website, but connects to a phone enabled landing page.

RU on a PC right now? Get your phone out of your pocket and scan the QR.

Only then will you see the magic begin.

The magic that can double your sales thru A to Z business on the phone only.

The millennials love immediate point-and-shoot information, especially a direct QR code that changes information regularly, like property of the week.

And the solutions have their roots in print and copy thru Dynamic QR to incredible landing pages that snap onto any phone at the speed of light.

These solutions are suited to specialist outsourcing, new and incredibly good value.

Estate Agents mis-communication is proving costly.

Simple additions to property marketing that will make a huge difference:

Show your intentions starting with your business card

Adopt a pool of Print, Dynamic QR and landing page solutions:

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“We had absolutely no idea that new generation Estate Agent business cards could achieve so much”

Paul Madley: Towns and Country

“We have 22 Agents and like clockwork, every Monday, every single business card updates to a new property”

Mark Seilbey: Barbers

” We have showcase property of the week posters, facing into our showroom and outside onto the street with a larger QR at about 1 metre,80 scans a week is not unusual”

David Malpas: Kings

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