Estate Agents mis-communication is proving costly

Phone focus
Phone focus

Estate Agents mis-communication is proving costly and those costs can be calculated in lost instructions and completions.

The real problem with a Millennial and the Gen Z prospect is that they want to conduct A to Z business on their phone.

They’re not interested in navigating websites on such a small screen and they never use a PC.

Personal Agent spoon feeding is infinitely more important than self help on a website.


Meet Luna over a cup of tea & think spoon feeding, times are changing rapidly, make a start with the oldest marketing tool on the planet.

meet luna
meet luna

Estate Agents mis-communication is proving costly

“We had absolutely no idea that new generation Estate Agent business cards could achieve so much”

Paul Madley: Towns and Country

“We have 22 Agents and like clockwork, every Monday, every single business card updates to a new property”

Mark Seilbey: Barbers

” We have showcase property of the week posters, facing into our showroom and outside onto the street with a larger QR at about 1 metre, 80 scans a week is not unusual”

David Malpas: Kings

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