Estate Agent Video advice.

Estate Agent Video advice using a simple template video creation system.

A two minute video that then connects to shop window QR.

And your PWA and website to distribute on social media.

Property Agents are very concerned that clients are not able to attend property viewings because of Covid.

The sales ability of an Agent is being compromised.

But there is a fantastic solution that is cheap to implement and will grow in value for individual Agents careers and their team.

And the clever thing about joined up simple tech is that the systems out there have already been built.

Here is a really good value Video creation tool for Estate Agents in the field.

Maltix has an affiliate relationship with Momenzo.


So, you create beautiful videos in the field, customised to your needs.

Maltix can then connect your videos to QR codes for shop window or social media campaigns.

They are cheap to rent and speak to each other automatically.

What does that mean?

It means that a property video that is well connected distributes on social media for free.

A video joined to a QR code offers immediacy for the Smartphone user.

A QR START solution

Property agent QR
CLICK HERE for VIDEO example.
Introductory QR code deal CLICK HERE

A QR long term solution

200 QR deal
Longer term 12 month 200 QR deals are also available with ongoing industry specific advice

The total PWA and QR solution:

A Progressive Web APP joined to an existing website address.

Joined up QR campaigns distribute and share your videos at the speed of light.

Why ?

Because the Smartphone user can share your PWA and videos as a normal social media link.

No APP store download required.

No APP download required.

Instant 2 way communication established.

New leads come from nowhere.

Assigned to specific agents or groups.

Automatically assigned in your CRM ( FREE 2 month Trial )

All rich communication features are included in your PWA production and hosting package.

( All Maltix advice is free when on-boarding )

onboard for your PWA
On-board for your information sheet

Add another string to your Consultancy bow. Join the Maltix Partner programme as an independent.

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