Encourage customers to distribute your business on Social media.

Leave the marketing of your business to the experts, your clients.

Do you feel like a Jack of all trades and master of none, ring a bell ?

Find yourself spending time on stuff that detracts from your core business ?

Got a budget for marketing experts ?

Or do you try to do everything yourself ?

Let’s look through the other end of the telescope for one minute.

Less reliance on a marketing expert.
Progressive Web App

Smartphones are now the majority route to business.

A Progressive Web APP is designed for the Smartphone user.

It’s like a walky talkie website that has taken all the right vitamins.

Invest in a fixed cost feature rich PWA with Maltix and watch your customers use social media on your behalf.

In other words, give your customers and potential customers the tools to distribute your promotions and communications.

Free up the real experts to market your PWA , your clients.

Whats wrong with spending time and money on website marketing ?

For years a whole swathe of small business has been sucked into social media alongside a website not built for the small screen of the Smartphone.

What changes with the deployment of a PWA?

Websites and old native APPS do not have walkie talkie technology inside them.

The Smartphone PWA actions instant 2 way communication.

Instant real time 2 way communication.
Chat in store

This type of APP is specifically designed to distribute.

And to be shared on Social Media without the need of an APP store.

Works offline on any device.
APP doesn’t need to be downloaded !

Using live notifications and SMS directly to your APP users.

Distribute one use redeemable vouchers.
Encourage your customers to distribute.

Guest lists

Responsive guest lists for weddings or birthday parties.
Book signing, Celebrity visit etc
Get creative!

Buy one get one free.

Use QR intelligently on paper or send via SMS or notifications
Not just for the food industry!

One off redeemable QR PWA codes sent via SMS and Notifications.

Watch your customers distribute, its amazing.

Free product promotion.
Shop with us today and get a coffee at Starbucks on us
Creative juice !

People like virtual cash.

Promotion terms and conditions on the back

Click the window or Social Media QR code for £20 off your next spend above £100.
Redeem online or in store.
Distribute on SMS and notifications.
Tell 10 friends and enter our free Hamper draw.

Contactless booking from QR or directly in APP

APP appointment
APP appointment direct from APP
Fill your quiet spots using SMS or notifications to PWA
10% off hair treatment Monday to Wednesday 11 am to 3 pm

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