Elegant solution for a tour operator.

This is an example of an APP in APP hosted solution.

Featuring a business APP called a Progressive Web APP

Connected to quality APP’s via the Maltix hosting package.

Plus the additional connection of an external CRM APP.

The Principal

incoming data
Incoming data management

The tour operators idea:

Commission a business APP called a Progressive Web APP

Connect all incoming and outgoing data to a CRM

Connect a booking APP solution from Appointedd

Appointedd booking solutions
Bespoke in the field based booking and data share

Client brief:

We are a coach to destination management company, looking to manage our coach pick ups and coach destinations from ferry terminals, rail and coach stations and airports throughout Europe and the UK.

We are taking advantage of the shut down to revamp, automate and streamline our business.

The APP has to be accessible for REP’s in the field on their Smartphone.

It has to be a simple calendar booking system

We need to allocate the coach company and the driver for their day to their destinations.

The allocation has to automatically confirm the destination and coach driver via SMS

Estimated time of arrival, number of people on the coach.

Cancellations and severe delays.

Automatically inform the head office of the Coach company via email.

And inform the head office of the destination company via email.

Allocate all the information to a CRM.

Capsule CRM
Capsule CRM free trial

Additional marketing planning.

Collect coach clients voluntary data for future newsletter deals and promotions through a single QR code.

Allocate all the information to a CRM.

Product specific QR
QR tourist brochure distribution

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PWA e book
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