How a driving instructor quickly built his business using QR code through his APP

Case Study:

How a driving instructor quickly built his business using QR code on his APP.

After investing in my new Maltix PWA ( Progressive Web APP) I was keen to promote my driving school business.

My business was too intermittent in the daytime, so I used the QR , SMS and push notification functionality that was included in my PWA purchase.

But I had to add to my existing database quickly to grow my business.

So I ordered a QR code linked to my telephone number with a promotion of £25 off first lesson.

I ordered some magnetic QR codes online and put them on my car and printed new promotional QR business cards with a good quality definition.

I also promoted my QR in the local press and my social media offering £25 if you scan this code and phone me now.

My PWA loads instantly onto clients phone as soon as the camera is pointed to the QR.
Now the two way communication can begin.

I focused on asking social media followers to forward my PWA to encourage distribution of my promotion to friends and family.

The response through social media was amazing, it literally spread like wild fire in my community.

The offer only applied to my quiet diary times in the terms and conditions, usually mornings and weekday afternoons.

PWA APP case study.

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