Driving down variable costs

Are workers being laid off because of the cost of operating old technology ?

The components of Cloud technology that BENEFIT your business.

It obvious when a certain type of business lay off staff, restaurant closed no Chef required.

but the operating system of any small business may be too expensive to run contributing to a variable cost problem.

Focusing on cloud technology adoption hand in hand with your staff will drive down variable costs in the most dramatic fashion.

Some simple example are.

Manually inputting hours into payroll when it can be staff phone automated.

Back up and data recovery is automated in the cloud, no more panic attacks.

Free 24 hour technical support included in your rental costs.

Software backups are automated and built into rental costs so you never get a bill from nowhere from a software Co.

Pay as you go rental technology smoothing out cash flow and driving down variable costs

Permanent staff cost reduction by encouraging home working, as much as 30% !

Workflow and app sharing amongst staff increases efficiency and cuts down on errors whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Removing the document mess of conflicting file content, formats and titles.

When your all files are stored centrally, dramatic cost and time savings automatically drive down variable costs.

Leap frog your competition through competitive advantage…. NOW is the time to puff out your chest and squash your competition.

Any paper process in your business should be viewed as an impenetrable piece of granite.

Remove paper, remove rock and the blood will flow inside your business.

DATA will flow seamlessly to cut costs and increase efficiency for your business survival.

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