Dont touch that touch this.

Mr Covid is a slippery customer as we are finding out, dont touch that touch this.

It not affected by temperature particularly, it seems to like even the freezer section.

So we wear a mask, we sanatize our hands.

The one device that gets a disproportionate amount of use is the mobile phone.

Its trusted isn’t it ?

Our connected to everything device , all in one place wherever we are.

The huge growth in online shopping is attributed to the mobile smart phone.

You see people going to the Mall, still walking the high street, still going for a trip past the shops whilst practicing social distancing.

So reluctance to go into the shop is a serious problem, dont touch that touch this.

People still get in the car and go somewhere, a feel safe haven perhaps.

Small business connecting to the smart device through an APP is a safe option.

Safe for the business owner and staff and safe for the user.

Dont touch that touch this.

Its contactless isn’t it? No chance that Mr Covid can do his stuff.

Look at any smart phone user, where are people predominantly tapping on ?

Facebook APP, Twitter APP, Email APP, Sky APP

Yes the Mobile Smart phone APP

So where is you business APP?

If you have invested already, you are probably a larger Company.

And you are almost certainly disappointed with how discoverable your APP is.

Why ? because its stuck behind a Corporate firewall called the APPLE APP store.

90 % of old NATIVE APPS never get downloaded

The cost of APP production has been astronomic and distribution hampered.

The average APP sits like a sun-bleached box in a shop window on a back street.

Until now.

The closed shop of expensive hand made APP production has been squashed.

Google created an APP code that works across all devices.

It has wings.

This APP is cheap and flies through social media without interruption.

This APP is a Maltix produced APP and its got infinite cleverness built into features.

You or your business clients can use inbuilt features without anybody touching anything, except their mobile phone.

In combination with traditional marketing methods, its unstoppable.

A couple of recent blogs.

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