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A very important 10 minute read for business people.

Mobile e-Commerce sales expected to hit $2.92 trillion in 2020.

Store owners shop owners / agents can no longer afford to neglect the importance of having a mobile-optimised online store within a PWA as well as their website.

And when we say ‘store owners’ we mean anything related to stock and window displays all connected to the sale cycle.

Only very very happy clients refer your business on social media.

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Alarming APP stats from Smashing ideas

According to Smashing Ideas, companies that switch to Progressive Web APP notice an increase from at least 20% by up to 250%.

Understanding how consumers are using their mobile devices in 2021

So before you get started on making changes adopting a PWA, read on for the latest and most relevant facts and figures to guide your strategy.

The most advanced smartphone communication device ever.

two way comms
Two way Comm’s and customer service is integral to a PWA

push and pull
Push and pull info and promotions with a PWA

In this article, we’ll provide you with important mobile statistics on key aspects of mobile usage for your store and Smartphone APP delivery strategy.

This is a 10 minute read and explains the dominance of mobile Smartphones and why the normal website simply cannot cope with he Smartphone users needs.

How Many People Own Smartphones?

3.5 billion smartphone users
PWA for customer service

There are currently 3.5 billion Smartphone users worldwide (Statista, 2019).

Considering the total number of people using phones globally is at 4.8 billion, that means that nearly 73 percent of them are users of Smartphones. 

This number is also rising rapidly with time, evidenced by the fact that just four years ago in 2016, there were one billion fewer smartphone users.

This is expected to rise to 3.8 billion in 2021, marking a 52 percent increase in a relatively short period of five years.

Time Spent on Mobile Devices

daily time on smartphone
Daily time spent on smartphone

Now that we have an idea of how many people own Smartphones, the next thing you need to know is how much time is spent using them.

People spend more time on their Smartphone than watching TV !

Time spent on mobile devices is forecast to hit just under four hours (3 hours and 54 minutes) in 2021

People Using Phones for Product Research

70% attempt product research on smartphone
70% attempt product research on Smartphone

PWA customer service
PWA customer service

This next mobile statistic will show you how mobile devices influence consumers’ product research process.

The latest mobile usage statistics.

Nearly seven out of ten internet users say they would look for customer reviews on their phones while in-store before approaching an employee (e-Marketer, 2020).

And researching product reviews isn’t the only thing mobile users are doing in-store.

58 percent of them are also looking for other products similar to the ones they’re thinking about purchasing.

And 55 percent are looking up product specifications.

Such mobile usage statistics highlight the importance of providing consumers with a positive super fast mobile PWA experience.

Half of them have already included it among their most important customer engagement strategies using product specific QR.

Product specific QR
Connect specific product info in store to QR

Mobile Shopping 

APPs on smartphone
Two thirds of smartphone users use APPS to purchase

More than half of internet users use their mobile phones to purchase products online.

Not only are people using their mobile devices to do product research, but many of them are also using them to carry out purchases. 

The latest mobile statistics hint at a high reliance online shopping on their mobile devices particularly Smartphone friendly PWA 

Millennial’s shop on their mobiles the most.

Nearly two thirds having purchased a product online with their mobile phone in the past month.

That’s just a touch higher than 55 percent in the 16 to 24 age group.

In comparison, over 40% aged from 55 to 64 have also done so.

With so many people doing mobile shopping, as an E-commerce business owner, you should consider prioritising your mobile PWA optimisation strategy.

A PWA is specifically built for the needs of the Smartphone user.

Users who have come across a negative experience on a mobile website are a lot less likely to buy from that business

The Option of Mobile Shopping

poor customer service
Poor customer service on smartphone

Many shoppers consider the a poor customer service immediacy as a deal breaker every-time.

So if you’re still not convinced of the benefits of setting up your e-Commerce offering for Smartphone mobile commerce using a PWA, consider this statistic:

Almost six out of every ten shoppers say that being able to purchase products on mobile devices is a key factor when it comes to choosing brands or retailers to buy from (Google, 2019).

A PWA strategy ensures available via your website for PC users.

AND availability and interaction to Smartphone users via a PWA off the exact same website address !

A PWA snaps into action dramatically quicker than a website and provides all the needs of a Smartphone user with no bother.

Mobile Time Spent With Digital Media

70% of time spent on social media
70% of time spent on social media

PWA customer service
PWA customer service

Smartphones currently account for 70 percent of the total digital media time. (Comscore)

Using social media as you distribution ledger
Delighted customers distribute a PWA so easily, it doesn’t live in the APP store !


These mobile usage statistics can help you craft a mobile-first PWA strategy that will propel your business forward with higher engagement and stunning referral.

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