Divorce the printer, the love affair is over.

Divorce the printer, the love affair is over so where does your data go ?

Recording everything outbound and inbound can be achieved with a change of mindset.

You cannot cobble together paper with digital, its like oil and water.

Email ,Text , Phone calls, Mobile calls, Form pages, Reminders, Calendar appointments, Digital signatures, Subscriptions, APPS, Social media, newsletters, shopping checkouts.

Actually these days its endless.

Divorce the printer, the love affair is over.

The other issue is that even a small organisation has complex interactions with a complexity of clients.

Scale-able architecture is important.

A CRM is like a central control for a TAXI business or Emergency services, hierarchical in nature that records every piece of outbound and inbound communication.

A CRM is completely malleable to your organisation.

But its deeper than that because it will compartmentalise and tag or log every piece of information for future searches.

Recording everything outbound and inbound via a CRM is incredibly cheap to run, it can be operated from disparate offices or no offices at all.

The same central secure system for all staff members.

And managed accurately and remotely through stunning reporting systems.

Why does MALTIX recommend you connect a CRM to your APP ?

Well actually, every piece of technology can be connected to your CRM, in fact, every piece of technology SHOULD DEFINITELY be connected to your CRM.

Your new PWA APP is no different.

The link above is to the Capsule CRM system that integrates with just about everything important that you will need.

Get yourself up to speed before you on-board with Maltix to create your shiny new PWA APP , divorce the printer, the love affair is over.

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