Distribute Business cards effectively

Your Business card is the first impression people will have of you.

The design, print and quality of the card is as important as any other piece of marketing – more so with the advent of QR enabled. Smartphones now into their 4th generation!

The tactics to distribute your business card via the smartphone has changed everything.

What is your strategy to distribute business vCard’s effectively?

Have you a drawer full of business cards you’ve forgotten about?

Is your QR vCard up to date?

Have you attached all you social media and videos to your vCard?

Do you have a QR service agreement for regular updates?

Do you distribute your live QR link on social media? like this or this

Do you carry a few spare just in case you bump into a potential customer or only give them out at meetings?

Distribute Business cards effectively

1. Send business cards with every piece of correspondence
If you’re sending a product, receipt, order, payment, compliment slip, thank you card or letter always include at least one business card. It gets your brand noticed and sends a message that you’re ready to talk business. Even if the recipient doesn’t need your service right away, they’re likely to keep it for another time or pass it on to someone else.

2. Leave a business card when paying a bill
If you’re paying a bill in a restaurant, hotel or any similar establishment, leave your card with the payment – especially if you’re leaving a tip. It might seem cheeky but no one will mind and it’s a great way to introduce your business to new potential customers.

3. Don’t limit your business cards to one per person or one QR landing page, there are many choices available
We all know people who provide more than their fair share of referrals, so make sure they have a few of your cards to give out to associates. A personal referral is extremely effective and accompanied by a business card it is even more likely to lead to new sales opportunities, especially when you have a multi pronged serviced QR strategy.

4. Venues for networking events and conferences
Of course you bring business cards to networking events, trade shows and conferences. Sure these gatherings are great places to leave cards but make sure your vCard QR is displayed large and proud with a call to action. It could be a coupon or a discount voucher or a free consultation.

5. Suppliers and non-competing businesses
You’ll have relationships with a number of other business that aren’t in competition with yours. They’ll be happy to take your cards and refer your business in return for you doing the same for them. Similarly you can use QR promotions for symbiotic relationships. You’ll both grow your client pool so everyone wins!

6. QR enable both sides of your business card
How do you want to initiate new business ? Serviced Dynamic QR opens up a myriad of options. The reverse side of your business card could have a generic call to action, for example weekly product deal or promotion. It could link to your calendar booking, chat room, tickets, Ecommerce or smart form page for managing data. Business avatar explainers are becoming incredibly popular, maybe video or MP3 voice ? Your flyers and posters can simultaneously change in tandem!

7. QR Elevator pitch Avatar a front and reverse example.

Trust your prospects phone to do all the heavy lifting!

ELEVATOR PITCH in 3 languages

Get a quote and revolutionise the distribution of your business card

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