Developers make lousy hoteliers.

unhappy daughters
Unhappy teenagers in hotels

Johan and Gertrude Heinkel:

Euro newswire article.

5 star Hotel fails to satisfy my family.

Trust me, an unrepeatable disaster created by appalling room design with equipment obviously designed years ago.

Having been cooped up with my family for a very long time, I decided to book a family hotel room in quite a highly reputable 5 star Hotel.

My wife and I have 3 teenage girls.

They all have smart watches, smart phones I Pads and headsets.

We also have 2 IPTV boxes when we travel.

Hotels are notorious for terrible TV programming, so we usually bypass their system.

This ( so called ) 5 star Hotel didn’t even have TVs with HDMI input !!!

Developers make lousy hoteliers.

Thank goodness the girls brought their own hair equipment, the Hotel dryers were akin to a butterfly flapping its wings.

And lets look at the maths for charge points shall we ?

5 i watches, 5 i pads, 5 i phones, 5 headsets, 2 book readers, 2 hair tongs, 2 hairdryers, 2 IPTV boxes, 1 internet box, 2 battery back ups.

Just run the maths on that shall we ? At least 30 appliances essential in the modern family and just 8 ( 2 hidden ) electrical sockets.

The wireless speed test we ran was border line ineffectual.

Thank goodness we took our own portable satellite connection from home.

As for food ordering !

The girls booked food delivery off their phones, the idea of sitting and eating the Hotel offering filled them with horror.

My wife was right.

We should have gone Air b&b saved a thousand euros and enjoyed a holiday without inept staff who didn’t understand a word we said.

This Hotel was obviously designed and built for the Developer.

As sure as hell it wasn’t built for a modern family holiday.

Johan and Gertrude Heinkel:

Euro newswire article.

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