DEMO HOTEL Room Service

Demo Hotel landing page

This is a Demo page, designed to be a Hotel website landing page or just a dedicated landing page for changes to the food and beverages offering through Hotel flyers connected to the “Room Service ” QR

The print design can be outsourced through Maltix on subscription or it can be kept in house.

Subscription QR and Smart Form pages can be changed within 24 hours for Hotel campaigns without the need to re create or even reprint the QR.

This is a serviced agreement, although in house tech teams can be trained to operate the system on our white label platforms.

Scan this QR and you will see it connects to a professional branded landing page.

When the Hotel guest places an order by clicking ROOM SERVICE this DEMO landing page appears.

From there on, any Flyer image that is clicked immediately connects to the Smart Form order page.

This way, the Guest only has to Scan the QR once to access the order page.

On submission the request goes immediately to the relevant departments for a Room call or Guest Smartphone call.

A reassurance email is automatically sent to the Guest.

This service can also be SMS enabled.

Internal Hotel contact information can also be sent at this point.

All client data is handled with full https:// security and the data can be automatically added to a Hotel CRM for future newsletter segmentation.

Room service

Hotel branding here

Welcome to the Grand Hotel :

Click on the images below to order.

Room service will confirm your requirements immediately.

Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order room drinks

The Grand Hotel front desk contact information

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