Covid is changing Directors business mentality

Talking with a client last week really brought some strong feelings about how unfair it was to be the Director.

All the responsibility of staff fears and their job security plus financing a deep hole that the business may not survive from.

I have 2 ears and one mouth, but I did suggest that now is the time to implement some technology changes.

For example, the Company payroll spends a lot of money converting paper to digital.

This single example is full time work for two in-putters catching up on the last 2 years accounts on Sage.

I simply asked if he wanted to continue that particular payroll for the next 2 years accounts and beyond ?

That simple question sparked change in the Directors thinking , it was palpable.

Its a Directors responsibility to implement change, its not a negative change of thought its very positive.

That picture of realization is that Covid and all the staff problems that manifested, can be completely circumvented by the adoption of automated Cloud technology in the future.

We also discussed the impasse with suppliers who insist on paper based invoicing and traditional payment methods.

Again, 2 ears one mouth, it dawned on him that he has to dictate how HE does business with his suppliers, not the other way around.

My silence accelerated his thinking.

This was his parting self proclamation !

“If you want to do business with my Company in the future this is how we do it !”

Time needed: 1 day and 1 hour.

Make a decision

  1. Cloud technology is good for my long term business

    Will Nicholls

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