Competency and accountability for print design

Some would say, why has this taken so long?

What has been the problem with integration of print design into tech?

Printing website and email addresses is a huge problem for the end user, they want to add everything now without an error onto their phone.

The QR MUST be larger than 2cm x 2 cm with a call to action.

William Nicholls
William Nicholls 2,400 SCANS in 12 months

Technical people prefer website technology, built on a large screen for the large screen.

They so called optimise webpages for the phone, thats where the flippancy starts and ends.

Print design and website design are like oil and water.

The natural bridge:

The natural bridge from print design to the smartphone are QR landing pages and subsequent technology built from the ground up for the smart phone.

QR also flies through the internet on a URL CLICK TO SEE

Making a start:

Are you checking your reporting systems ?

Do you check you website stats ? the big clue is “mobile ”

My website today has 58% mobile.

A print designers project:

This Car Wash SCAN has 80 recorded scans in 24 hours, 100% on smart phones (obviously).

Linking to Smart Form pages

The form page reporting system also tells a similar story as does the integral google analytics.

Every smart form submission is securely collected in the Company CRM for future newspaper segmentation and SMS promotions.


This is a print designers project, the garage asked them to do the art work, little did they know that this print designer is a member of the print and design alliance and they ask questions through this shared survey LIVE LINK

ASK your PRINT DESIGNER to fill in this form and join the alliance for your business.

Competency and accountability for print design