The benefits of using a professional form page system


Customers like Options:
Some people would prefer to speak directly with a company representative while others simply do not!

Providing all the possible ways to contact you (i.e. phone number, address, email, and web form) allows your customers to choose the contact method they prefer and avoids frustrating customers when their preferred method is not available.

Web forms are unique in that they give you the ability to control the type of information you collect from your customer and gives the customer the option to share or not to share their information.

By providing specified fields and designating which of these fields is required, you ensure that your web visitors are giving you the information you need.

When you simply provide an email address, your invite open ended communication with no direction.

Different areas of your website or varying strategic newsletters collect different information for different recipients.

Every assigned form page is managed directly inside the CRM and all data auto collected, whether its from the website or the APP.

Forms are Trackable:

Professional form page management not only allow you to make changes that automatically update on the website,newsletter and APP, but the reporting systems give invaluable information about the clients navigation prior to filling in the form.

Inquiry back-ups:

All the data fields integrate into the CRM and newsletter to automatically update a clients details, periodically you can ask clients to update their details from a form page and it automatically updates their details in the CRM

Convenience is Key:

Clickable email links automatically open your customers’ default email program, using professional form pages stop all the problems that may occur, problems that you are oblivious to.

Maltix specialises in creating form pages that work beautifully on your website or more importantly on your PWA APP.

Feature rich next generation APP for business at a dramatically cheaper cost

Professional business APP


Maltix is a unique mobile app creator with a wide range of features and components to help you develop a fully responsive app that will boost business.

Maltix apps are intuitive and straightforward to use, bringing significant benefits and potential to your brand or organisation, thanks to a comprehensive range of features that you’d usually have to break the bank for a developer to create.

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Every app comes with a guarantee of these powerful core functionalities:




Bye-bye App Store, hello customers!

Did you know that 9/10 apps never make it out of the App Store? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the App Store odds are not in your favour…unless you happen to be owned by Facebook, chances are good that your app will get lost along with millions of others, floating aimlessly in the App Store, never to be seen again.

So it’s a good thing you have Maltix! From our platform, you can distribute your app directly to your customers via SMS, email, social media, a widget on your website, or even a QR code. They get the link, they click on it, they have the app. Kaboom. It’s just that easy!

Let’s make that app go viral!

Maltix apps are more shareable than the common cold! Maybe not the best analogy, but hear us out. Users of any Maltix app can quickly and easily share that app with their own network, via SMS, email, or social media. Do you have incredible content that people will want to spread? Well, they can! And you can encourage them along by offering special discounts or prizes to customers who get your app lots of downloads by sharing it.

Since Maltix apps work across all devices and OS types, they can be shared across previously incompatible devices. So there’s no stopping it…it really can go viral!

If you want to use your Maltix app only to share content with a select, private group of people you can always turn off in-app sharing

LIVE REAL-TIME UPDATES through a dedicated Client Management System (CMS)

If you’d built a traditional app and put it through the app store, you’d be faced with lengthy approval processes to make any changes to your app. Luckily, you found Maltix, so you don’t have to worry about that. Make any changes you want to your app, hit the publish button, and see those changes appear in real-time.















• CRM integration and training

• Mailchimp newsletter integration and training


Reach and engage your customers instantly!
Our sophisticated Push Notification scheduler allows you to plan out and schedule your automated push notifications ahead of time. Use Push Notifications to instantly send your app’s users a customised message with rich media content.

You can use this mega-powerful feature to offer instant discounts and promote special deals, or to announce the launch of a new product. Engage with your app’s users to cement customer loyalty, driving growth and sales.

Choose who can access your Mobile App and which pages they can see.
In the digital age, it is important to ensure any content shared online reaches the right people securely depending on the level of privacy needed. With this in mind, we have decided to include an additional layer of security to the MALTIX platform – Member Login.

With AUTOMATED Member Login, users can register to access your app using their email address.


MALTIX has partnered with Shopify and WooCommerce to give you the best e-Commerce solutions out there, right on your mobile app.
We know that many of you already have amazing shops set up, in the real world and online. That’s why we’ve decided to integrate the biggest, most popular e-Commerce shops right into our platform. Customers are already shoppin’ on Shopify? No problem! Fans are already woo-in’ through WooCommerce? Bring ‘em on!

Let your users chat with each other with this great engagement tool.
We’re sure your app users love your app, so it stands to reason that they’ll love each other too, right? Our live chat feature lets your logged in members search for other members and reach out directly to them to start a conversation. Customer engagement and delight – activated.

What good is an app, anyways, if you don’t know who’s using it?
Good question! Luckily, for MALTIX, it’s also an irrelevant one – because the MALTIX platform comes with full analytics on your app users. See who is viewing and downloading your app on a daily basis, and feel free to update your content as often as you want to get those numbers up!

Need a way for your customers to schedule and book appointments with you? MALTIX has partnered with Appointedd to let you do just that!
We heard it from you, our valued customers, first: you needed an easy way for your customers to book your valuable time and services.

MALTIX has integrated Appointedd, an easy-to-use scheduling and online booking tool, straight into our platform.

A comprehensive form experience on mobile!
MALTIX offers both a Vote and Form component within the app. Our Vote component is helpful when user preferences are required (e.g. you can ask users to vote on their preferred speaker at an event) whereas, our Form component allows YOUR organisation to capture more general information.

With a form, for example, you could make a “contact us” page, or a “tell us your favourite way to cook an egg” page…whatever you want to know about your users.

Our countdown component lets you show your app’s users EXACTLY HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT before your big event! Upcoming sale? In three days, 4 hours, 22 minutes, and 46 seconds! Your wedding? In 26 days, 8 hours, 12 minutes, and 2 seconds! Are we invited?

Take your social media brand to the next level!
Create a unique platform where your customers can stay up to date on all your social media activity!

With a MALTIX APP Using unique integrations you can easily embed your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed into your mobile app.

Users can get direct access to all your social accounts in one place and stay up to date.

Engage with readers in the mobile age!
Quickly transform your existing website into a Progressive Web App with Beezer’s WordPress component or our Wix & Weebly partnerships! Embedding your existing blog into an app couldn’t be easier, opening entirely new capabilities for you to build your audience and engage dynamically without having to worry about coding between platforms.

MALTIX Rating Component allows you to gather feedback from users quickly.
With the ratings component, you can gather ratings from your users in all areas of your app. Our rating system works on a 5-star basis where each responder can choose between 1 and 5 stars to rate an option.

You get instant feedback without any waiting time.
Show off the speakers in your event, the stars in your show, or your stellar team members with our delegates feature.
At MALTIX, we know the people are what makes the product. So why not show them off? Create an engaging, easy to navigate list of people – be they speakers, performers, or team-members – that can include pictures, descriptions, and links to their social media.

Sometimes you want unique content to pull through to your app.
MALTIX has full iFrame integration so we can make your app adaptable to pull in content dynamically.

Bringing your favourite online solutions to your APP

We’ve got current integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Appointedd – and we’re always looking for more great 3rd party solutions to bring into our marketplace. Stay tuned

Plus, we’re always here to listen to you. Reach out to our customer support team with suggested API plugins and a good enough rationale, and we’ll do the rest!

MALTIX offers a feature-rich platform for your app.

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9 out of 10 APPS never make it out of the APP store

Professional WPA business APP

A great value Maltix solution worth a read.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are fast and reliable web Apps that work on any browser. Based on a Google initiative, they are the future of web Apps. PWA’s provide an installable, App-like experience on desktop whilst taking a mobile-first Approach.

Fast And Reliable:
App users have come to expect reliability, which is why a PWA must deliver a performance that is just as fast as the old native APP. PWA’s load immediately, providing meaningful content and an interactive web experience in less that 5 seconds.

Since they’re also installable, PWA’s look and behave like any other Native App. Instead of having to bookmark a browser tab, a PWA launches as a Native App and runs like it, in a window without an address bar and with its own launching experience details such as a customised splash screen, icons, etc. It is also a top-level App in the task switcher, just as all other installed Apps, and the highest quality can be expected when the PWA has the guarantee of being built by Maltix..

Mobile & Desktop:
Another advantage of choosing a PWA over a Native App, is that thanks to responsive design techniques, they work on both mobile and desktop. This becomes possible thanks to the use of a single code between platforms. “These Apps aren’t packaged and deployed through stores, they’re websites that took all the right vitamins…

App Stores Issues:
The disadvantages of having to be found and bought through an App Store go from the high number of competitors, the difficulty of being well positioned on that long list, and the cost it means for your company. There is no wonder why 8 out of 10 Apps never make it out of the Apple Store and a 60% of Google Play Apps have never even been downloaded. It is important to note as well that there are more challenges to overcome when dealing with App Stores, such as: a 30% Purchase Tax; limited communication with users that pay outside the App Store; Application updates being routinely blocked; Siri, HomePod, and Apple Watch competitors being locked out; and Apple customers not having a payment choice. The store model is clearly not favourable to all those businesses developing Native Apps, which is why many are getting rid of Apps and migrating their client strategies to Progressive Web Applications.

Maltix Solution:
Maltix uses the only platform in the world where you can launch and distribute a PWA on the same day, without needing an App Store. More importantly, there are no hidden fees along with the subscription you sign up for and the App is entirely inthe clients hands, meaning you can update and publish changes as and when you need it, avoiding any long Approval process.

Past Installing Issues:

The on-boarding process for a Consumer Mobile Native App is a journey with too many steps, which means you can lose an average of 20% of potential users in each one of them. As an example, this is what could happen to a Native App with a potential of 1000 downloads: • The Maltix Solution: We provide a quick and unobtrusive on-boarding process that has already been proven to increase our clients’ Apps likelihood of success. Your PWA goes direct to customer distribution via: SMS, email, a downloadable website widget, QR code for print and TV, and a social media short code that is great for print, radio and TV campaigns.

App Store Sales Fee:
The high revenue amounts Apple and Google count on are undeniable and they come from somewhere. These two giants make billions through their mobile App stores, charging a fee of around 30% of all sales to their collaborators, in exchange for providing a safe, trusted environment. Why would any business be happy with a third party taking a 30% cut of their pre-tax revenues? Considering this high cost, it is easy to wonder if they offer that much value or if there is another way to succeed.

The Maltix PWA Solution:
The web is a safe place. In fact, one of the reasons why web standards take long to implement is their secure implementations. This means there is, indeed, an alternative to Google and Apple App Stores for customers and that is to take advantage of the recent PWA movement. Since there is no real security advantages offered by Native Apps, especially considering HTTPs is a requirement in any Maltix PWAs, these ones do not have the monopoly on monetisation. ApplePay is just another payment provider. The web has been monetised for over 25 years and the ability to receive money online is now easier than ever, especially within PWAs. There are options for a third party payment gateway integrations such as real-time credit card methods, ACH, PayPal, and many others. Taking advantage of this costs less than a 3% of your sales, which is evidently much lower than the 30% Apple takes.

Until now, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Apps was limited to a good listing in the App store. Since Google introduced the App indexing, now it’s also possible for users to receive link recommendations that directly refer to the contents of the installed App using the Google search App. But for the user to benefit from this, certain requirements have to be met. Thus, a user must actually have installed the App in order to click on the target site in it. Also, the source code of the website must be edited. There, deep links are inserted. These deep links must be created for iOS and Android separately. Moreover, they also need to be integrated into the XML site map, so that the Google-bot can be made aware of them. Quite the complicated process.

Maltix solution:
For businesses to succeed online, they need to deliver engaging experiences in line with their needs. Your PWA has the best chance to success thanks to the latest web capabilities we provide within our platform, such as the App Discovery Optimisation. PWAs are the only way to deliver user experiences on the web just as Native Apps do but without their costs & restrictions. With further development of Progressive Web Apps, there are many possibilities for SEO. A great advantage lies in the fact that a Maltix App is shared with you through a link, and it’s called up within a browser. Which means search engines can also index these links. In conclusion, PWAs don’t have the distribution or discovery challenges of Native Apps.

Updates Cost:
Different App versions must be simultaneously developed, published, and maintained for the various operating systems. Updates to the App have to be carried out through the Appropriate App Store for each operating system. A major disadvantage of Native Apps is the high cost factor. Costs don’t involve just App development, but also ongoing maintenance as operating updates happen. In addition to the actual CMS.

The Maltix solution:
A single code base for all browsers and platforms. Maltix Multi-Channel, Mobile First Approach means that PWAs function on all platforms so no separate versions are needed for different end devices. The result is that those development costs are significantly lower than with Native Apps. Also, updates don’t have to run through an App store. Instead, the web App is brought up to the newest standard with the help of service workers. This is done via the publish button from within the Maltix platform. Truly live updates at the push of a button!

Why choose a PWA over a Native App? For the last decade Native Apps have been the platform of choice. After 2011, when users turned to mobile abandoning desktop almost completely, demands on user experience changed drastically.

A Mobile First Approach has different requirements and priorities than the Desktop First Approach that had been cultivated during the Internet’s first two decades, so this tipping point meant a game changer for developers. By 2018, Mobile traffic was responsible for 52,2% of all Internet traffic. But by now the excitement about Apps seems to have decreased rapidly, and even if overall store downloads count on large numbers, Native App usage has concentrated around basically 10 Apps, mainly social media, and almost all of them are owned by Facebook. This means if you want to make it as a Native App, you have a tough way ahead of you.

Talk to Maltix for App examples and a quote today featured in the Financial Times today talking about the reluctance of ingrained self disruption. featured with the Financial Times today talking about the reluctance of ingrained self disruption.
Due to the COVID19 crisis businesses have been left exposed because of an ingrained reluctance to disrupt themselves.

Self-disruption involves developing new skills, new offerings and entirely new cultures.

While moving beyond established processes can be difficult to justify in the short term, especially if it involves cannibalising existing offerings, decision-makers and policymakers should think long-term and aim to build confidence in self-disruption as a strategic tool for growth. offers a free road map for self discovery, self change and self disruption to adopt cloud technology and tackle variable costs.

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Measure twice cut once

I remember being onsite with lots of workmen at one of my Grandmothers building projects back in the 1960’s

I was fascinated watching an old boy using a saw on a piece of wood straddling two carpentry horses.

He had a square pencil behind his ear, he wore denim dungarees and a brass fold out tape measure in a side pocket, his knee pinning the wood to the bench.

Winking at me and talking through a rolly stuck to his lip, he explained the importance of communication.

He shouted to his colleague to shout back the measurements for the last time.

A lad took a note pad out of his back pocket and shouted the measurements in inches.

The old boy finally checked with his rule, marked with a square and slowly cut the oak plank.

My grandmother also had a funeral business, this chap was cutting the planks for a coffin whilst onsite building a house.

I didn’t know that at the time.

Here we are over 50 years later and nothing has really changed regarding communication, the problem is who do you shout at before you cut the wood!

Or in other words who can I talk to before I embark on selecting the components of my business cloud presence on the internet ?

Talk to the boy who has grown up at

Without a cloud telephone system that gives employees access to enterprise-class communications features via their mobile device or PC, businesses are committing themselves to the dark ages.


Having a phone system that’s both reliable and easy to use is vital to every small business.

Without one, the all-important communication on which you and your employees rely on to stay in touch, deliver projects on time and provide great experiences for customers can break down.

These days, choosing the right phone system for your business is more complicated than ever before.

It’s impossible to ignore that the way in which employees communicate has fundamentally changed.

Businesses have more communications tools to contend with such as email, instant messaging apps, mobile and social media.

Old models and ways of thinking have become obsolete.

Businesses need communication tools that can be compatible with each other.

Traditional phone system providers fail to take this into account, in fact they are obsolete.

Cloud telephone systems

Business telephone system providers were once notable hotbeds of innovation spearheading features such as voicemail and call forwarding, with a handset covered in buttons that nobody used properly.

Today the rate of invention in personal communication has vastly outpaced its enterprise counterpart, shining a light on the shortcomings of the outdated legacy hardware so common in the small business office.

What if phones could work alongside all these other tools? What if you could have a single number for reaching employees, wherever they’re working and whatever device they’re using?

What if you could get a phone system that works in the cloud?

Traditional phone systems are also difficult to manage and support. They can also be expensive to deploy and maintain. That’s a problem for your tech people, who often find themselves in the office in the evenings and at weekends.

With the Circle loop cloud telephone system your business can do all this on a phone number and inbox to every employee. Calls can be transferred through to them, whether they’re in the office, at home, or out and about on their mobile devices.

They can also stop having to fork out on additional desk phones, and scale to their business requirements more flexibly.

Making management easier

The Circle Loop telephone system reduces frustration for technical staff by reducing the physical infrastructure they have to manage. And they offer simple tools for adding and managing users on a wonderful interface which makes the whole experience faster and easier.

Cloud telephone systems don’t just improve the lives of technical employees; they help all employees work better when communication processes, both for employees and customers, are seamlessly integrated with their day to day business operations.

The individual staff company headset is all that is needed, you staff do not touch anything to answer a call, banish the desk telephone forever.

The Circle Loop platform, in particular, has a strong focus on helping employees with their core tasks, with an intuitive and simple communication features;

Presence awareness showing colleagues’ availability; and tools for prioritising important calls and sending less important calls to voicemail.

Circle Loop

Many businesses will fall for a sleek look or a good price without addressing the most important needs of a phone system.

Without a cloud telephone system that gives employees access to enterprise-class communications features via their mobile device or PC, businesses are committing themselves to the dark ages.

Maltix is an official distributor for Circle Loop world wide.

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Can a cartoon change your mindset ?

Chat thinks it’s a business owners responsibility to reduce variable costs, that can only come from a change of mindset.

Can you picture change and hear what we are saying in the explainer ?

Change is everywhere we look, are you considering change to your business office ?

Driving down variable costs: are workers being laid off because of the cost of operating old technology ?

Fixed and Variable costs

The components of Cloud technology that BENEFIT your business.

It obvious when a certain type of business lay off staff, restaurant closed no Chef required, but the operating system of any small business may be too expensive to run contributing to a variable cost problem.

But focusing on cloud technology adoption hand in hand with your staff will drive down variable costs in the most dramatic fashion.

Some simple example are.

Manually inputting hours into payroll when it can be staff phone automated.

Back up and data recovery is automated in the cloud, no more panic attacks.

Free 24 hour technical support included in your rental costs.

Software backups are automated and built into rental costs so you never get a bill from nowhere from a software Co.

Pay as you go rental technology smoothing out cash flow and driving down variable costs

Permanent staff cost reduction by encouraging home working, as much as 10% !

Workflow and app sharing amongst staff increases efficiency and cuts down on errors whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Removing the document mess of conflicting file content, formats and titles. When your all files are stored centrally, dramatic cost and time savings automatically drive down variable costs.

Leap frog your competition through competitive advantage…. NOW is the time to puff out your chest and squash your competition.

Any paper process in your business should be viewed as an impenetrable piece of granite. Remove paper, remove rock and the blood flow of your business, ( DATA ) will flow seamlessly to cut costs and increase efficiency for your business survival.

Talk to today via chat room or what’s app about the components of change within your business, talk to straight off the website.

How to dramatically reduce your business telephony costs and remove the desktop Telephone forever.


All you need is a headset and your normal connectivity to free up your hands on any call.

Retain numbers or add numbers no problem.

Integrates with your CRM, every call can be recorded right next to the relevant client records.

Super cool quality with epic back office features, take a look.

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An official Circle loop partner.

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