SCAN here for a free holiday to the Maldives

That got your attention didn’t it?

How about : Enter this free £5000 holiday for two: SCAN HERE

But would you scan if it was just a picture and QR ? I doubt

QR without copy doth butter no parsnips as they say.

Adding the copy to a face is even more human isn’t it?

Hello my name is Kalinga

Imagine Kalinga giving you a run down of the holiday competition and after 20 seconds she asks you to CLICK HERE and fill in your details, I would wouldn’t you?

Kelinga is a professional ACTRESS avatar and she utters the words she is given in 80 accents and languages, her name could be Annabelle, whatever you choose.

Are you getting the picture?

QR is just a window and can be connected to a myriad of phone tech components.

Kelinga would be on the video platform connected to a “CLICK HERE” Smart Form Page

QR landing platforms
QR landing platforms

Dynamic QR is a subscription service from Maltix why is that ?

Much like a website, you own the QR URL and it is connected to landing pages built for the smartphone (Obvious really, you scan on a phone not a PC)

This means that all the components that connect to create a QR solution can be changed AFTER print.

So the look and feel of the QR can change as well, along with the call to action.

The landing page can also be changed after print and what it connects to and anything within it.

Smart Form Pages and their monetisation can be changed within the subscription service as well.

Connection to a CRM and all the training is also a subscription service.

Smart Form Page examples

QR landing page examples

Business cards are a brilliant option to start your online stationery revolution.

Click or Scan and click the call to action button to see how you can monetise your business card just like this one.

meet luna
meet Luna click or scan

Blog written by William Nicholls MD

Click or scan

Never mind the quality feel the width

A comedy programme from the 60’s but quite apt in the clash of data knowledge for 2023.

The stakes have never been higher for businesses to become data-driven as they battle against a perfect storm of challenges.

Customers have unprecedented product choices across geographies, regulations are increasing, competition is growing fiercer.

Never mind the quality feel the width

Applied effectively, data gives business the agility to succeed against all odds.

Data-driven small businesses have a secret advantage over neighbouring small business competition.

“Data valuation on the balance sheet will be worth a great deal of money when you consider the lifetime of the client”

Same sector competing business.

Scenarios help explain data success and data failure.

A question for you : which device is being targeted here ?

Lets compare 2 public houses by firstly looking at the basics for success.

The Nags Head and the Rose and Crown

Captivating one liners, copy and call to action ensure QR enablement.

Options with customers for repeat business.

Hand outs : “Book your table for 10 or more in January 2023 using this £50 voucher, SCAN now”

Phone Voucher: “Scan and share this QR Voucher for £50 off your January table booking”

QR social media link “Scan and share this QR Voucher for £50 off your January table booking”

QR social media link “Scan and share this EVENT QR to claim £50 off your January table booking”

Email: “Open this email for a £50 gift from the Nags Head”

SMS QR link “£50 gift from the Nags Head, claim today”

Daily APP notification: Nags Head Pizza takeaway deal of the day, order before midnight”

Never mind the quality feel the width

Routine QR data collection can be automated to a central management system for a secure and compliant system.

When you encourage past clients to submit their data, then they will return for repeat business again and again:

And this is completely irrespective of the business sector.

  • Food App event

Would you like some ideas for your sector?

Lets talk, write a blog or two and have some fun on the way.

Managing prospects at a show: A conversation.

Business cards from maltix

A conversation on WhatsApp

Hi Mike. If you wanted to impart information or collect specific information at a show In multiple ways, what message would be important for you to get across ?
I’m curious for your sector
That we are specialists in the franchise sector and work with franchisors as an outsource partner
Do you do any other shows or face to face outside of franchising ?
I attend the Business Show and the Asian Jewish Annual Show
If you could get more detail from a prospect’s potential needs, what questions would you ask ?
To both Franchisors and Franchisees Do you have any outstanding debts To Franchisors Do you need any of the following outsourced services Franchisee Audits Benchmarking Financial Analysis and Business Valuation
And what could you give them that would get their attention?
No Collection No Fee Debt Collection
Third Party Audit
Independent Valuations
Outsource services they do not do in house

So the bulk of a concise message could be handled with an elevator pitch
And their response data could be managed and calibrated for more information or maybe invite them to a learning event ?
Well it’s all on the website and this is what I say on the phone to prospects
I don’t envisage a learning event
An event was just a suggestion
Just saying
Prospects want to understand that we are professional
Let me put together a scenario for you
Let me know what you think.

It’s based on immediacy of information that fits easily onto a phone in situ.

“Once they leave the show, maybe it’s too late”

Get a smarter hook in place so you can weave your magic on the day
Imagine your business card, flyer, pull up
If we assume the number one device at any meeting is the phone, then the logic of comms should be phone based. The fastest way onto any phone is QR, it takes one second to load and its tech is 100% phone designed. Im going to send bits of logic without reinventing stuff that already works for clients, hopefully we can build a picture for you.

This is a vCard and is designed to be sent through the smartphone network
When you click on it, all of Michelle’s details are there without error
Ok great
Download to your phone please
she is now within your phone 😉
Done very good
You can also share her details
perfect, this turns your phone into her business card distribution
This saves the data

My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

Come to that in a bit
on her business card it looks like above
What about follow up
Aha I’m coming to that
This type of QR also has a reporting system, so you will know exactly how many times its been scanned or clicked

My vCard has over 1300 scans in 4 months
I understand
So how is this better than a CRM like HubSpot ?

And how does that translate into work ?

I’m coming to that, but a CRM has to connect to data or it can be added via vCard directly into any CRM, but Maltix systems automate this with a handshake key.

Ok I have to go out now
I have explosive interest, but not from website or linked in,
Let’s set up a zoom
Anytime next week

[10:54, 30/12/2022] William Nicholls: Will do!

Sent more after Mike left the chat:
The next few bits are advanced solutions, but i’m pretty sure its going to be important for you.

serviced vcard
Serviced subscription vCard

Link to my vCard
I want you to imagine this on your business card, pull ups, flyers, stationery, billing, EVERYWHERE you print plus all your email signatures.

On subscription, you own it, its look and feel and all the information within. It can be changed at any time. This means you can print and never worry that stuff is out of date.
Now it gets more interesting.

Imagine the reverse of your Business card.

Here is where Actor Avatars and Videography do your pitch. Built specifically for social media and the smartphone. But it works anywhere. Again with a live link and reporting system.

An example or two

MMT training book now
MMT training book now

meet luna
Meet Luna

Luna does all my heavy lifting, she gets 200 scans a week all over the world
This is the print copy we recommend. QR only you will notice.

Using Michelle Elevator pitch as an example, lets look at the CALL to ACTION

My Most Trusted
My Most Trusted

On this example the QR call to action is different to the first example but the scan takes you to the same page.
The CTA action button says Book your training and that takes the prospect to a Secure Smart Form Page.

This one in fact

Click and take a look

This page can take payment and take her calendly bookings.
It’s automated to her bank account and all the data is recorded inside her CRM using https://

AND its automatically segmented inside her CRM for newsletters using another integration Maltix recommended.
[10:58, 30/12/2022] William Nicholls: Meeting Booked

A conversation with Michelle Scott.


Fast track My Most Trusted trainer and relationship builder extraordinaire.

Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott

You can feel experience in a conversation can’t you?

Michelle imparts infectious enthusiasm partnered with absolute belief that business on the smartphone has moved into a completely new era.

One of four kids growing up in South Africa her father worked in a goldmine and her mother had 32 boys aged 6 to 18 in her house at a large children’s home, she ran it with an iron fist.

Michelle’s inherent feistiness inherited from her mother, and the considered thought process of her father are admirable traits.

After schooling Michelle studied fashion design, and quickly realised she enjoyed the process side and the psychological side of people in business.

Feeling her need to grow and discover people in life she’s she switched jobs including spells as a switchboard operator and a bartender in a nightclub.

But it wasn’t until she started to be involved in the Florist industry and working closely with senior management she began to realise importance of relationship management.

It’s core to her thinking process core to her career growth and one particular woman poured emotional problems into her work which again helped her to learn how to work with senior management in other industries, including estate agents and landscaping.

So, with this experience and core confidence she reveled the interview process, and it took her exactly where she wanted to be, the rewards were good

The only thing that didn’t really work out was a short space of time working in a hotel, but apart from that she’s forged a career with huge administration skills, interpersonal skills and above all relationship building skills.

Getting married and moving to the coast.

Michelle loves Mossel Bay near the Klein Brak river bordering the Garden Route National park, a beautiful part of the world, she loves watching the whales in the mornings.

Earlier in the year she bumped into Scott Cundill of My Most Trusted and she just knew instinctively this was her vocation, she would say that My Most Trusted {MMT} has changed her life.


It’s a big role on the fast track training program and Michelle is fastidious.

The benefits

Michelle’s clients are looking to reduce their marketing costs and increasingly they are focusing on return on marketing investment. She is moving ahead of the trend for quality relationship building and warm lead generation.

Although my most trusted is a simple to operate proven system for creating warm leads, it requires time training yourself, her clients haven’t got the time and they want to quickly implement MMT succinctly and precisely.

She confidently exclaims that any business can generate 1500 warm leads a year PER LinkedIn account without a hint of selling.

Her fast track training program instills the habit of use.

Her quickly delivered training guarantees anybody using the My Most Trusted platform will absolutely fly.

Maltix Partner

Intrinsic to her belief that the smartphone has become the number one business tool, she’s also smart enough to see the adoption of small business problem solving using Dynamic QR landing pages.

Implementing professional in situ QR solutions has been a rapid learning curve for her and she’s very excited about getting these solutions into her business community.

Her leading question is “What keeps you up at night ?” we have a solution.

These QR are going on the side of her car !

Click or SCAN

My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

VIDEO explainer for My Most Trusted

My Most Trusted
My Most Trusted

The most effective QR code tactic

Talking to a Doctor yesterday.

In our opening conversation she complained that her QR was a waste of effort, so I asked her what she was expecting from her QR campaign.

She created flyers to distribute locally for her cosmetic beauty salon in London.

“Not one response from 2,000 flyers, she exclaimed”

I asked her how sure she was that the flyers had actually been distributed, actually that didn’t go down very well.

So I changed tack !

Can you tell me what you paid to have the QR created ?

“No she said, but I paid £390 for the flyer design and distribution”

She sent me the flyer for my opinion. It looked ordinary and was created without love, so I told her.

Even worse it had zero copy and zero call to action and the QR was static, in other words it was free to create.

The most effective QR code tactic

I explained that if she were to invest in Dynamic QR, she would have a professional landing page that has a dedicated URL for social media.

That means a small investment into professional online stationery.

And every scan touch or click will now be recorded.

We would have to devise a strategy for the QR to be scanned and that requires professional copy and “une raison de faire”

The most effective QR code tactic

A voucher or discount dynamic QR that can be changed AFTER PRINT

A phone friendly discount so that the client can book their treatment, pay for it and receive a discount.

This is a specific pre built system connected to a Dynamic QR.

It’s not cobbled together, it’s thoroughly professional.

Doctors response

” So all the leaflets I had printed cannot be changed ?”

No I replied, the QR is static, it cannot be changed after print, plus the fact that we now need to create the copy, and create a reason why anybody would reach for their phone and scan or click on social media.

“Oh she said, and how much would this cost to repeat the exercise with you ?”

Here’s my PhoneSite I said, handing her my business card, I suggest Silver subscription.

CHARITY or are you hosting a fund raiser ?

Are you a CHARITY or are you hosting a fund raiser ?

We are offering up to 5 CHARITIES a FREE QR code connected to a Smart Form Page that automatically collects all participants SCAN DATA and sends information to a designated email address.

SUPER COOL Just like this !

St Lukes charity
St Lukes charity

CONNECTED TO THIS- SCAN QR to see how fast it loads on a smartphone.

APPLY for your Charity HERE

First name: Last name: Email: Note:

Losing my Queen

My Queen

An article about modern marketing.

Losing my Queen and mentor is similar to losing my Grandmother, albeit 50 years later.

My grandmother was a large property owner, her advice still resonates.

” If you do what you have always done your going to get what you always got! ”

Unlike 50 years ago property is the modern version of GOLD and diamond investment.

My grandmother also said.

” You never own a house, it owns you” how true!

Trends come and go but modern marketing is too complex for any single mind, talking to an estate agent yesterday really brought that home to me.

So how about some advice from my Mother:

“Let the baby walk” very often used in situations whereby people in the family are trying to control another or are overbearing with their views or over supportive when experience has to be learned.

Marketing is intimately connected to the sales cycle.

The reward for doing a good job is more work, no marketing required

The referral comes first and last, but you have to trust the process and you have to ask for the referral.

So if an Estate Agent was to put trust in their referral process ( and my goodness they really should )

Why on earth do they not put the simple phone technology in place to achieve that ?


The link is actually a dynamic QR link and because QR can also be scanned, the business card (called a vCard) is the absolutely perfect vehicle for the referral.

No marketing required, no expensive website campaign, in fact nothing more than trust in your clients to spread the word for you.

Have you taken the QR link? Sure it works on a PC

When you SCAN or take the link on a smartphone, thats when the magic of referral begins.

Click every link on the business card, especially “Download vCard” and “Share this page”

The simplest of solutions and not just for Estate Agents:

Online stationery CLICK HERE.

FREE QUOTES immediate turnaround simple administration required.

Small business case study implementing QR

case study

Small business people are very often so busy with “stuff” they haven’t got time to think outside the box.

It’s true that business people are too busy working IN their business to make simple decisions ON their business.

And the problems that keep business folk up at night are very often staff related, time related or money related.

A CASE STUDY from MALTIX online stationery for the Hotel industry.

Live QR links to demonstrate.

The Downturn PROBLEM:

If we take a hit in this coming recession what can I implement now to change that?

How can I create value and collect client data at the same time?

How can I create a loyalty programme though existing guests?

How can I cut labour costs but keep the same level of service ?

How can I discover genuine feedback from my Guests ?


Collect client data for future promotions whilst being fully GDPR compliant.

Give something to get something.

Offer a service to collect the data.

QR code in the Hotel room, on flyers and common areas.

Loads on the guests phone in one second.

QR branding

The yellow button link is the QR scan link as well (easier to explain when you are on a PC)

This is a Smart Form Page in action connected to QR landing page.

Click for Duty manager on the landing page

DATA then collected and automated to Front desk CRM and Duty Managers phone for response.

Various Hotel QR solutions that achieve the same objective.


Smart Form Page & SHOP
Smart Form Page
Food APP solution
Choose and change questions

What’s keeping you up at night? send the problem we will come up with a QR solution. or CHAT now.

Oil and water do not mix online

Things come along in life, it takes a while sometimes for it to be obvious.

The move from vinyl to tape then CD to streaming is a good example.

Who would have thought that the most used word in the world in 2022 would be Alexa!

But here we are at a crossroads, one that’s mis understood but happens to be a very safe bridge to cross.

This statement is an obvious thing to say: “Every Smartphone is connected to one human being”

The phone is the number one trusted device, it’s NEVER out of earshot and phone users now expect to conduct their LIFE on that device.

Big business knows that, their colossal budgets have allowed them to leap frog small business with downloadable APP’s.

But along came another one of those changes:

Google invented the Progressive Web APP (PWA)

A PWA is a hosted product, this APP doesn’t have to be built.

It appears as a website on a PC and an APP on a phone, very duplicitous!

As we nudge towards 70% of commerce being conducted on the phone, the statistics should be enough to make any small business jump into an APP and desert their beloved website.

But thats not the case because the APP builders of old used NATIVE APP technology.

Associated with APP creation are sky high production and hosting prices, eye watering in fact.

You are also told that you need APP stores to distribute the APP alongside similarly eye watering “charges”

How can I visualise a PWA?

coca cola soda can
Oil and water do not mix online
Think of a PWA as a can of coke, in fact it could be any product, what it looks like, your brand, thats integral to the hosted product, you choose.

Now imagine a ton of ‘throw switches’ on the outside of the coke can, think of a telephone exchange from an old film, all those ladies on a switchboard.

Those PWA switches are governed by your hosting package.

The throw switches enabled on your PWA gives the phone user the opportunity to decide which ‘throw switches’ to allow onto THEIR phone.

You might want to read that again!

Unlike a website that pushes all information and you have to search for it, a PWA volunteers future information that the phone user requests.

That’s revolutionary.


A Café owner or a Hairdresser use their PWA to fill quieter times: The APP gives the options of deal times via free notifications and the phone user asks for those notifications because they like coupon deals.

A publican wants to sell beer on offer to get better wholesale rates, the PWA volunteers free notifications for early bird beer deals and the phone user selects and accepts those notifications. They can choose their favourite beer thats on offer using redeemable phone vouchers.

Need I say more?

A line in the sand, all change and perfect for small business.

Some startling facts:

GET your head around this!

The PWA costs as little as £200 to launch:

Depending on the “throw switches” required in your business, hosting can be as little as £40 per month.

No APP store required to distribute.

The PWA distributes on it’s own merits via a short URL directly and on social media.

NO download required. Touch it and you’ve got it technology.

No Webmaster required.

Ongoing hosting and marketing advice built into hosting.

Up and running within 24 hours!

Estate Agents new holistic journey on the smartphone EVENT

Maltix Eventbrite

You have accepted an invite from Linked in please BOOK through Eventbrite and receive £150 in CREDIT !

CLICK on ticket and add to your diary.

July 19th midday BST on Google MEET

Maltix Eventbrite
A CHAT supported EVENT


An introduction from our main sponsor Scott Cundill and how to redeem your £50 discount for future training.

An overview of the importance of new holistic solutions from William Nicholls Founder of Maltix.

The dramatic reasons from Google that explain why Estate Agents need to take a more holistic approach with the post 1980 generation on their smartphones.

Why these two types of dynamic QR landing pages make the website link redundant.

And why its so important to copy the majority of prospects on their smartphone by Scanning. If you are in the habit of scanning it opens up a whole new world in just one second.

Barbers geo code QR
Barbers geo code QR
Property of the week
Property of the week

Why two sided business cards are a great way to start.

Smart business card
Smart business reverse

Why outsourced dynamic QR needs a service agreement for business cards, posters, flyers and for sale boards.

How to redeem your £50 discount:

How super fast Dynamic QR works on social media.

Connecting valuation tools, direct agent appointments and mortgage calculators to Dynamic QR landing pages for optimum speed and clarity on the smartphone.

An explanation of professional video from a global expert Daniel Brauer.

How to make professional property video on your Agents phone in the field for £14 per month.

How to seriously ramp up the quality of QR connected video presentations with property walk through Actor Avatars.

William finishing the EVENT off with future information share on property videos produced, live reporting systems, geo code reporting, moving the same QR concept into flyers and posters, social media monitoring and lots of shared advice on the art of QR placement through a secure shared environment called SLACK.

The deal today

Maltix Eventbrite
A CHAT supported EVENT

July 19th 12 noon BST on Google MEET

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