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An introduction to business on the clients smartphone

Adopting change on the Smartphone for small business.

The dominance of smartphone business is accelerating.

Why millennial’s expect a lot more on their phone than a website.

The importance of A to Z business

Cheaper APP technology from Google .

PWA from Maltix

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PWA e book

The automation of incoming and outgoing data to one central resource

Essential for customer service and the referral reward on social media.

Gold dust for small business survival and growth.

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PWA e book
PWA e book from Maltix a working document

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PWA e book

A focus on the components of a small business PWA.

We refer to them as the tools of your trade

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PWA e book
PWA e book from Maltix a working document.

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PWA e book

Understanding how the sales cycle has been smashed by the millennial Smartphone user is key to the adoption of the Progressive Web App.

Addressing immediacy in your business processes is fundamental to survival and growth post Covid

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Business Revolut QR payments


Maltix recommends Revolut Business UK and Malta

Revolut Business Priority customer service link below

It’s now easy to accept payments straight away with QR codes.

Not familiar with them?

A QR code is a square-shaped bar code that prompts your customer to an action when they scan it with their phone’s camera.

In your case, it’ll take them to instantly settle up their bill.

Just remember that QR codes are only available on mobile with Merchant Accounts.

Revolut business Malta

Start straight away, no additional hardware

Streamline in-person payments with QR codes created straight from your Revolut Business APP.

No need to invest in another piece of kit to cart around!

Take payments touch-free for safety and ease

No more cash or cards in terminals – your customers can make socially-distanced payments

Get paid face-to-face effortlessly

Once you’ve generated the code, show it to your customer for them to scan with their phone.

Here is a recommended banking option from Maltix

Request payments in a few taps

1. Using your Revolut Business mobile app, create a Payment Request and select QR Code

2. Choose the currency, the amount and a description

3. Display the QR code for your customer to scan

4. They can settle up easily with Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, or Revolut

Sign up to Revolut business for priority customer service.

Available to Maltese business for the first time 18th February 2021

We thought you were competitive ?

property agents
Turn photo to momenzo video with QR
Add professional Momenzo videos to your shop window for FREE

“Estate Agents, Property Agents, Real Estate Agents are non-competitive”

Do you realise just how powerful a Progressive Web App is in your industry ?

We thought you were competitive ?

It would seem you prefer to let the competition over take you !

Get ahead, stay ahead PWA
Stay ahead PWA

Adding video to static window displays on your shop window is just one example

FREE QR window display DEAL included in your new APP order

YES, ignore the pricing on the QR link above, you get 200 QR and fantastic industry specific advice included for an entire 12 month programme !

Listen to the Smartphone generation for extra sales and voluntary data collection.

PWA is a website and an APP in one
PWA is a website and APP all in one

How competitive are you ?

Get ahead stay ahead on your clients smartphone with a new revolutionary APP called a PWA from Maltix

Future options

Connect PWA to QR and CRM Appointedd Momenzo and loads more
PWA connected to CRM gives your control

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Personal or Business APP Flash sale

PWA deal ends today

Personal or Business PWA Flash sale

The majority of business traffic now goes through the Smartphone.

The all new Progressive Web APP is a website that works normally on the PC.

Behaves like an APP on the Smartphone.

An astonishing opportunity has arisen through spare production capacity.

Look here PWA flash sale
PWA 70% off

Breathtakingly Smartphone agile

As light as a butterfly

No APP store required

Works offline

Including a bundle of optional FREE trials

Top of the range, customer service technology in one low PWA hosting package

PWA deal ends today
Maltix PWA deal ends today
Whats included in PWA hosting package

£399 build includes text, image, sliders, headers, buttons, all files, all media, i-frame, google maps, WordPress mobile integration, Website wrapper, 3rd Party Marketplace, Back office live updates.

£29 per month hosting includes Domain name, email and social media distribute, QR codes, 200 SMS credit, SMS distribution, unlimited push notifications, Analytics, User profiling, Member log in, Chat room, and advanced member specific data, delegates option, smart form pages, Feedback, Ratings, Roster, Schedule,Vote options, Countdown, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, Momenzo property video, Appointedd*, E-commerce, Banking with Paypal, Stripe, Square

PWA 12 months free training and support
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3.5 billion smartphone users

A sophisticated website that is especially coded for the fast fingers of the Smartphone user.

Website quotes vary a lot, but you wont get a quote like this one anywhere !


Your investment ? £399 build and £29 per month hosting.

APP’s have become an essential part of how businesses engage and communicate with their customer base.

They can be difficult and expensive to develop.


All too often, completed APP’s will be lost in the noise of the busy APP marketplaces.

Thanks to Maltix, that’s no longer the case.

We will build a fully functional APP for your business at a fraction of the cost .

Getting the completed APP to your customers is as simple as sending a web link by SMS, email, or social media.

A special flash deal from Maltix because of a cancelled project.

Take advantage of a small tech team with some time on their hands !

Grab the inclusive APP hosting package with the mostest !

Grab the inclusive APP hosting package with the mostest !


Custom Domain, Direct distribution via Email, Social Media, QR Code,

Initial SMS Credit and distribution, Push Notifications – unlimited & automated,

App Analytics, User Profiling, Member Login, User Chat, Member-Specific Data.


Text, Image, Header, Slider, Button, Delegates, Form page, Rating, Roster, Schedule, File,

Media, Vote, 3rd party integrator (iFrame), Countdown, Google maps, Instagram Feed,

Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo Video, Booking (Appointedd), E-commerce

Shopify & WooCommerce, Payment Button (PayPal).

Your investment ? £399 build and £29 per month hosting

PWA DEAL ends Friday 5th February 5 pm Maltix

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Why do you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

PWA manage my data

Would you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

Think of every bit of data coming your way as an incoming telephone call.

A cacophony of noise !

Real time data should be used real time

Why do you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

The top benefits of taking data management free trials.

Logical data flow for your business is something to trial because its the next big step tackling customer service on the Millennial’s Smartphone.

Why do you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

Would you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

Drive down fixed and variable costs especially staffing

Improves field to office efficiency

Helps all staff focus on business touch points

Create smart customer service

Encourage Social media referral

Leap frog your competition

Identify where your incoming data is coming from:

Conduct A to Z business on your clients smartphone
Data collection management
Data collection auto management

Then start some free trials to see how cloud based data management will work inside your organisation, some prompts.

Smart Form pages

CHAT room


Smartphone text

Telephone call

Document signature responses


Social media channels

VIDEO responses

Smartphone multi-channels from PWA

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