PWA APPS are replacing websites


A couple of FACTS

99% of website traffic goes to 1% of all the websites.

80% of Apps in the APP store never get downloaded

So why build an APP and put it in the APP store , that doesn’t make any sense does it ?

Especially when 60% of all traffic is now conducted directly through the mobile phone

Why not build an APP that’s 2020 generation that sits on your clients phone nestled alongside your clients SKY and Weather APP ?

Now you have invested in a bit of tech that is permanently ready and waiting to serve you client personally.

And it works without being connected to the internet.

Sounds better doesn’t it ?

Are you going out of business ? Lets not blame Covid 19

APP for your clients

They say we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution and the velocity of disruption is hard to comprehend.

We say if your business systems are not connected directly to your customers mobile devices, you are almost certainly going to go out of business.

Today are talking about APPs….no not the handful that dominate the APP store ( FACT: 80% of APPS never get purchased )


Sorry we are shouting but there is a lot of noise out there.

Your APP connected to your online store,

Digital contracts.



Newsletter system

Accountancy system

Clients mobile telephone number social media.oh yeah that APP your APP the PWA

Have you past and present client emails ?

email hippo

Does that data work for you….does it make you money?

There is a logical flow for you to think about to connect your DATA to your income.

GDPR and compliance is step one Maltix recommends mail hippo an automated system and great value.

Step two is compiling your cleaned and compliant email list into a logical format ……… name, surname, email, address, etc etc

Step three import your data into a cloud based CRM and connect to a newsletter system

Now you are getting somewhere, now you are well on the way to controlling your future digital business.

Maltix has a free rolling 30 day programme on Google MEET to answer your questions and help you get started.

“If you do what you always do your going to get what you always got”

Digital contracts revolution

digital contracts

It appeared to me this morning after signing two reseller agreements in under 5 minutes from start to finish, just how dramatically efficient Digital Contracts are. has been promoting a number of Digital Contract platforms for three years.

Although the principle is well defined under regulation.

Implementing Digital Contracts has been a mind set issue based on reticence, especially with the Legal profession.

With the massive interruption by Covid 19 , Digital Contracts are now enjoying legal adoption for the first time.

So does the Contract then get printed off and stored in a dusty back room somewhere ? well actually no.

Contracts are stored within the ultra secure data house adopted by the Digital Contracts provider, that’s good enough security for every bank in the world these days.

The Notary or Lawyer can then add it to their own Data House storage system like Drop Box for additional replicated safe storage.

The Legal Profession like any business is feeling the heat of the downturn, and efficiency savings are determining their competitiveness in a crowded industry.

So with the removal of paper contracts other streamlining opportunities are manifesting particularly a CRM system.

Dramatic knock on staff savings potential enabling the Legal profession to focus on competitiveness for future business.

When combined with automatic Form Page integration on the website, the digital circle is complete and directly connects the clients legal contracts on their mobile phone.