A conversation with Michelle Scott.


Fast track My Most Trusted trainer and relationship builder extraordinaire.

Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott

You can feel experience in a conversation can’t you?

Michelle imparts infectious enthusiasm partnered with absolute belief that business on the smartphone has moved into a completely new era.

One of four kids growing up in South Africa her father worked in a goldmine and her mother had 32 boys aged 6 to 18 in her house at a large children’s home, she ran it with an iron fist.

Michelle’s inherent feistiness inherited from her mother, and the considered thought process of her father are admirable traits.

After schooling Michelle studied fashion design, and quickly realised she enjoyed the process side and the psychological side of people in business.

Feeling her need to grow and discover people in life she’s she switched jobs including spells as a switchboard operator and a bartender in a nightclub.

But it wasn’t until she started to be involved in the Florist industry and working closely with senior management she began to realise importance of relationship management.

It’s core to her thinking process core to her career growth and one particular woman poured emotional problems into her work which again helped her to learn how to work with senior management in other industries, including estate agents and landscaping.

So, with this experience and core confidence she reveled the interview process, and it took her exactly where she wanted to be, the rewards were good

The only thing that didn’t really work out was a short space of time working in a hotel, but apart from that she’s forged a career with huge administration skills, interpersonal skills and above all relationship building skills.

Getting married and moving to the coast.

Michelle loves Mossel Bay near the Klein Brak river bordering the Garden Route National park, a beautiful part of the world, she loves watching the whales in the mornings.

Earlier in the year she bumped into Scott Cundill of My Most Trusted and she just knew instinctively this was her vocation, she would say that My Most Trusted {MMT} has changed her life.


It’s a big role on the fast track training program and Michelle is fastidious.

The benefits

Michelle’s clients are looking to reduce their marketing costs and increasingly they are focusing on return on marketing investment. She is moving ahead of the trend for quality relationship building and warm lead generation.

Although my most trusted is a simple to operate proven system for creating warm leads, it requires time training yourself, her clients haven’t got the time and they want to quickly implement MMT succinctly and precisely.

She confidently exclaims that any business can generate 1500 warm leads a year PER LinkedIn account without a hint of selling.

Her fast track training program instills the habit of use.

Her quickly delivered training guarantees anybody using the My Most Trusted platform will absolutely fly.

Maltix Partner

Intrinsic to her belief that the smartphone has become the number one business tool, she’s also smart enough to see the adoption of small business problem solving using Dynamic QR landing pages.

Implementing professional in situ QR solutions has been a rapid learning curve for her and she’s very excited about getting these solutions into her business community.

Her leading question is “What keeps you up at night ?” we have a solution.

These QR are going on the side of her car !

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My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

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My Most Trusted
My Most Trusted

A conversation with Allan Fine

Allan Fine

Talking with a Director at Bristol fruit market yesterday, he confided with me that there are huge stress cracks showing in a once relatively mature and stable marketplace.

Enough for him to tighten his credit controls to a level that he nor his father have ever considered before. {1965}

He knows the risk of breaking old trusted relationships, but he would rather other wholesalers took the risk than his own firm.

The cracks aren’t just with the wholesalers who get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to pick up the produce and distribute, the cracks are beginning to show with the main ( Big Lorry) wholesalers delivering to larger restaurant chains in and around the west country.

So fruit and veg was definitely on my mind watching the MasterChef cookery program on TV last night with Marcus Wareing.

The knock out stages are where a potential winning MasterChef are given a specific task, get it wrong you get kicked off the show.

They are they tasked to do very particular meal descriptions and they have all the ingredients in front of them.

Repeatedly they chose to neglect the ingredients.

Therefore they were removed from the competition.

A conversation with Allan Fine

I had a bit of a wake-up call the other day with a famous Linked In Lead Generation Expert who has obviously been on the pans and in the ovens of LinkedIn probably forever.

Looking at his 27,000 followers should have been a clue I guess.

And I quickly realised, within 5 minutes, that although I had all the ingredients displayed in front of me AND I knew the recipe, I had seriously neglected my “Linkedin menu”

So I urge you to talk to a lead wizard expert and the man from Calgary is just the chap.

Allan Fine Linkedin

Allan Fine
Allan Fine

Blog written by William Nicholls

MD Maltix.co.uk Online stationery and My Most Trusted advocate


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A conversation with Dave Crane

dave crane

In the car this morning I was having a conversation with my wife talking about our experiences of looking after cattle and horses in very cold spells {like you do}

We shared the mutual physical problems of frozen water troughs.

My part of the conversation took me to Agriculture College in the early 80’s and the importance of clean water.

During this thought process, I remembered the very lecturer and I chunked immediately to how I made my decision to leave further education and not become a vet.

I was convinced that the lecturers were regurgitating information from their university notes from way back in the 50’s and 60’s.

This was the day I realised I was a futurist, a dreamer if you like.

Recently I realised that I wanted to BLOG about other peoples business and dreams as well as my own.

Moving ahead some 40 years

I’m a sociable kind of guy, COVID was not good socially, but I became more focused on social interaction and joining up rented technology to enable me to grow a business idea.

So my Ltd Co, got a tax code, got a VAT number.

My CRM became automated using Smart Form Pages and I segmented data for future newsletters and I integrated Xero for the dreaded Co accounts

But something was missing.

And my daily blogs, newsletters, website and networking pretty much failed to bring in business.

Everything I had taught myself and everything I had payed for just wasn’t working.

Three things have changed that.

Working with Scott Cundill on the My Most Trusted project right from the start.

Removing the Mentors who became my modern day University lecturers of old

Meeting Marc Jarret and my involvement in his WhatsApp networking groups


I meet new people, social people, disparate people who all have something quite incredible in common.

Their life and their business have become emancipated by the solitude of COVID

The common ground of WhatsApp and My Most Trusted is permeating into fresh business practice with new ways to share and create exciting business connections for mutual benefit.

On a call with Dave Crane last night

We met proper on a Vanquish WhatsApp group call last Friday.

I added him into My Most Trusted referral circle, we arranged a Google Meet call.

We shared our business concepts and dreams.

Dave spoke of a new virtual Country of Digital Nomads and the power they possess for work change and support

The most important part of the call ?

Creating business dialogue to work and make business together.

Mutual symbiosis respect and introductions.


William Nicholls Blogger and networker

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Why these two types of dynamic QR landing pages make the website link redundant.

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